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- Manjushri Mandala and the Institute for Astroenergetic Studies (IAS) were established in 1975 by Hans-Hinrich Taeger (Champa Legshe) and under the patronage of Lama Yeshe, Geshe Rabten and Tenga Tulku with the aims of  bringing together Tibetan Buddhism, Western astrology and new age spirituality - This physical school and centre for many years is now in the process of changing into this kind of cyber-monastery :-) But don't expect too much by now. Even though some fundaments are there we still have a long way to go! See for yourself :-)  And please don't laugh about our poor English! Always ask yourself: how good is my German 'S' - Some pages are not yet properly checked against IE. Sorry for this. - Wishing you a nice stay and thank you for your visit, Hans & Thomas, your two Buddhist cyber-monks from Ireland!
~ We wish all our visitors & friends of our site a creative and inspired.Tibetan Iron Serpent Year: 23rd of February 2001 - 12th of February 2002 (New Moon), a successful Western.Jupiter Year.and a good start into the astrological New Year.(20th of March 2001) ~
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