Gangchen Tulku as a Mahasiddha
Gangchen Tulku as a Mahasiddha (Thangka Painting)
Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche, painted as a Mahasiddha
   The word Mahasiddha comes from "maha" = great and "siddha" = magical perfection, magical power. So a Mahasiddha is a master of great magical perfections, a master of tantra. The Vajrayana Buddhism (=tantric or great vehicle) speaks of a group of 84 famous mahasiddhas, highly developed Indian yogis and yoginis of all social classes who lived between 400 AD to 1200 AD, and who gave most major impulses for the various Tibetan traditions. There are many crazy and eccentric stories about those famous 84. In general any follower of the Vajrayana (Tantrayana) can become a mahasiddha. Some in a more hidden and secret way, others in a more spectacular way.
   In the above painting Gangchen Tulku is shown in the form ofa Indian mahasiddha. In his right hand he holds the damaru (scull drum), envoking the dakinis (= enlightened and powerful female witches). In his left he holds the trishula (trident), a male symbol of mastering illusions. He wears a tiger skin, a chain of skulls around his neck and a scull, filled with blood in his other hand. The open sitting posture symbolizes that he is willing to act, using his perfections for the sake of all sentient beings. Below one can see a wrathful vajra (= cepter) and several dakinis and goddesses. Above him his guru HH Trijang Dorjechang as a Mahasiddha (Tilopa?). Every tiny detail of those paintings have a very profound meaning, which could fill a complete website :-)
Gangchen Tulku (Portsalon 1990)
Gangchen Tulku 1990
Gangchen Tulku, Champa Legshe, Panchen Ítrul
Gangchen Tulku At Initiation
Gangchen Tulku and Champa Legshe
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