Welcome, Willkommen and Tashi Delek to our free-linksite. We hope you enjoy this precious recource of inspirational places. Many entries you find here origined in a special invitation to some outstanding sites we found while surfing the net. If you know of a site wish should appear in this list, please forward this URL to the according site owner or send us a tip. Thank you for visiting or presenting your site!
Our Ambitions
Very simple: we have the ambition to get one of the best sorted new age related free-linksites in the web. So don't disappoint us :-) With the term 'new age' we associate all creative impulses from the fields of spirituality, religion, art, environment, science, planet-consciousness, shamanism, fantasy, care, literature, music, the alternative scene, superior entertainment... etc. This Bravenet linksite is prepared to take up to 2000 links.
Your Entry
Choose carefully the category which best describes your website. The categories are:
You can give a site description of max. 500 characters. In addition feel free to sign also our guestbook and don't forget to pick up our free-linksite gift! (click.here). Should you change your URL or website name, drop us a note (mentioning the category) and we will make the necessary changes. - A reciprocal link offer would be a kind gesture, but don't feel under any obligation.
In case you changed your URL and/or you like to update your entry, just send us an.email.and we will do this for you. Alternatively you make the re-entry by yourself and give us a short notice to delete your old entry from this list:.email
First of all: no multiple links entries. Additional entries will be deleted. The same goes for inappropriate links (e. g. business, sex-sites). And please don't try to add banners, ads or logos. We disabled the add-banner function to make the lists comfortable and quick for surfing. No commercial sites / One entry only / No banners !
We check all new entries automatically but we can't look through any single page. Should you find a link which should not be in this list, please drop us a note :-)
Are you ready?
... Why not start then :-)
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Concerning our first free-linksite
In contrast to our new linkserver this first linksite did allow only very few keywords and was limited to 100 links. - This is all the we could save from this first site. We lost at least 50 links due to automatic deleting of old links as soon as there were more than 100 entries. If you miss your link, please add your URL again on our new linksite, which allows up to 2000 links with more detailed descriptions!
- come on, you love me already, take me home :-)- would love to shine on your site- it's boring here, put me on *your* site!
June 2000 - last update: February 2001
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