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The male iron-dragon year stands for starting new projects, reorganization of one's life, enforcing one's idealistic ambitions, fulfilling one's visions, using one's individualistic power in a wise but determined way, overcoming disturbances, enhancing self-confidence and being generous to others. It's an energetic year, giving rise to celebrations and grandiose projects. A year of surprises, when an opportunity can be grasped or lost. - And never forget how loving kindness could change the world!
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- On 23rd of February 2001 at New Moon (8:22 GMT) the female Tibetan Iron-Serpent Year will relieve the old male Iron-Dragon Year. The Iron-Serpent Year rules from 23rd of February 2001 to 11th of February 2202 (New Moon).  Our first gift for this year shows the.Golden Nagaradja.(Lhudjal), king of all serpent beings, empowering you with his magical and wishfulfilling gem. The second gift shows some Naga-Goddesses, offering their precious magical jewels to all real wisdom searchers.  Nagas (serpent beings) are mythological archetypes, inhabiting the the vast universal ocean and living also in the depths of your own mind. They are special protectors and teachers of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Envoked with respect they love to help with their magic and wisdom, but they can change their mood quickly if treated wrong. Serpents (nagas) are not just worshiped in Asia but also in many Western cultures (Celtic, Egypt, Greek). Even they can manifest in all elements they are often envoked in front of wells, rivers, lakes and some special holy trees. In India they are worshiped to grant fertility. Another great lucky charm for your site! - The female Iron-Serpent/Snake Year enforces deep thinking and re-thinking to increase your innate wisdom. It's a year of retreat and secret inner developments to change some of your skin's and learn quickly from experience. Stay apart from emotional decisions. Think wise and act accordingly.

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~.Tibetan Calendar System.~ Golden Nagaradja.1/2/3.~ Naga Goddesses 1/2/

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Tibetan.Astrology.combines elements of Chinese astrology with elements of Western (Vedic) astrology. For the calendar system modified Chinese methods are used. Unfortunately there is a variety of contradictory schools, traditions and even calendars. One of many reasons we prefer to work with Western astrology. What follows is just a rough and brief description of some basic concepts of the most common calendar system in use.
The Tibetan year has 12 lunar months (new moon to new moon) resp. 354 solar days. To stay in harmony with the solar year of 365 days a 13th lunar month is added about every 30 months. The New Year ('losar') starts mainly with new moon in aquarius (sometimes in pisces). The first month (first zodiac sign) is the month of the rat (tib. dschiwa/male/north), followed by the month of the ox (lan/female/northeast), tiger (tag/male/east), hare (yö/female/east), dragon (drug/male/southeast), snake (drü/female/south), horse (ta/male/south), sheep or ram (lug/female/southwest), monkey (dre/male/west), bird or rooster (dscha/female/west), dog (kyi/male/northwest), pig (pag/female/north). This sequence forms also the 12-years-cycle (jupiter-rhythm), starting always with the year of the rat, followed by the year of the ox etc. In addition there are the five elements: earth (tib. 'sa'/stabilization, strength/color yellow /signs: dragon, sheep, ox, dog), fire ('me'/transforming, fast-moving /color red/signs: snake, horse), iron or metal ('chag'/hardening, cutting, changeable, direct/color white /signs: monkey, bird), water ('chu'/smoothening, soft, placid/color black or blue /signs: pig, rat) and wood  ('shing'/growing, long-lasting, changeable/color green /signs: tiger, hare). There are certain sympathies and aversions between those elements and lunar zodiac-signs as well as equivalents to planets, fixed stars, days, hours, body parts etc. In combination with the 12-year-rhythm of the lunar zodiac signs and a 2-year-rhythm of a female and male version of the 5 elements it comes to a 60-year-cycle or 'rabjung'. As mentioned above Tibetan astrology has many different tradtions and calendar systems. The one used below is the most popular one. Following this system we live in the 17th rabjung, which started in 1987. The first rabjung cycle goes back to the time when Buddhism and astrology were introduced to Tibet.
With the 5th of February 2000, 13:05 GMT, started the 14th year of the 17th rabjung of the male iron-dragon year 2127 after Buddha. The year and even century of Buddha's birth is completely unknown (could be also 2400 years ago), so 2127 is just a semi-precise statement. 
Start/New Year Time
Name cycle/year
Start/New Year Time
Name cycle/year
29/1/1930 19:08 Iron-Horse XVI/4/m 6/2/1970 07:14 Iron-Dog XVI/44/m
17/2/1931 13:11 Iron-Sheep XVI/5/f 26/1/1971 22:56 Iron-Pig XVI/45/f
6/2/1932 14:45 Water-Monkey XVI/6/m 15/2/1972 00:29 Water-Rat XVI/46/m
25/1/1933 23:20 Water-Bird XVI/7/f 3/2/1973 09:24 Water-Ox XVI/47/f
14/2/1934 00:44 Wood-Dog XVI/8/m 23/1/1974 11:03 Wood-Tiger XVI/48/m
3/2/1935 16:28 Wood-Pig XVI/9/f 11/2/1975 05:18 Wood-Hare XVI/49/f
24/1/1936 07:18 Fire-Rat XVI/10/m 31/1/1976 06:21 Fire-Dragon XVI/50/m
11/2/1937 07:35 Fire-Ox XVI/11/f 18/2/1977 03:38 Fire-Snake XVI/51/f
31/1/1938 13:35 Earth-Tiger XVI/12/m 7/2/1978 14:55 Earth-Horse XVI/52/m
19/2/1939 08:29 Earth-Hare XVI/13/f 26/2/1979 16:46 Earth-Sheep XVI/53/f
8/2/1940 07:45 Iron-Dragon XVI/14/m 16/2/1980 08:52 Iron-Monkey XVI/54/m
27/1/1941 11:03 Iron-Snake XVI/15/f 4/2/1981 22:15 Iron-Bird XVI/55/f
15/2/1942 10:03 Water-Horse XVI/16/m 23/2/1982 21:14 Water-Dog XVI/56/m
4/2/1943 23:29 Water-Sheep XVI/17/f 13/2/1983 00:33 Water-Pig XVI/57/f
25/1/1944 15:25 Wood-Monkey XVI/18/m 2/3/1984 18:32 Wood-Rat XVI/58/m
12/2/1945 17:34 Wood-Bird XVI/19/f 19/2/1985 18:44 Wood-Ox XVI/59/f
2/2/1946 04:44 Fire-Dog XVI/20/m 9/2/1986 00:56 Fire-Tiger XVI/60/m
22/1/1947 08:35 Fire-Pig XVI/21/f 28/2/1987 00:52 Fire-Hare XVII/1/f
10/2/1948 03:02 Earth-Rat XVI/22/m 17/2/1988 15:55 Earth-Dragon XVII/2/m
29/1/1949 02:43 Earth-Ox XVI/23/f 6/2/1989 07:38 Earth-Snake XVII/3/f
15/2/1950 22:53 Iron-Tiger XVI/24/m 25/2/1990 08:55 Iron-Horse XVII/4/m
6/2/1951 07:54 Iron-Hare XVI/25/f 14/2/1991 17:33 Iron-Sheep XVII/5/f
26/1/1952 22:27 Water-Dragon XVI/26/m 4/3/1992 13:23 Water-Monkey XVII/6/m
14/2/1953 01:11 Water-Snake XVI/27/f 21/2/1993 13:06 Water-Bird XVII/7/f
3/2/1954 15:56 Wood-Horse XVI/28/m 10/2/1994 14:31 Wood-Dog XVII/8/m
24/1/1955 01:17 Wood-Sheep XVI/29/f 1/3/1995 11:49 Wood-Pig XVII/9/f
11/2/1956 21:38 Fire-Monkey XVI/30/m 18/2/1996 23:31 Fire-Rat XVII/10/m
30/1/1957 21:25 Fire-Bird XVI/31/f 7/2/1997 15:07 Fire-Ox XVII/11/f
18/2/1958 15:39 Earth-Dog XVI/32/m 26/2/1998 17:27 Earth-Tiger XVII/12/m
7/2/1959 19:23 Earth-Pig XVI/33/f 16/2/1999 06:40 Earth-Hare XVII/13/f
28/1/1960 06:16 Iron-Rat XVI/34/m 5/2/2000 13:04 Iron-Dragon XVII/14/m
15/2/1961 08:11 Iron-Ox XVI/35/f 23/2/2001 08:22 Iron-Snake XVII/15/f
5/2/1962 00:10 Water-Tiger XVI/36/m 12/2/2002 07:42 Water-Horse XVII/16/m
25/1/1963 13:42 Water-Hare XVI/37/f 1/2/2003 10:49 Water-Sheep XVII/17/f
13/2/1964 13:02 Wood-Dragon XVI/38/m 21/1/2004 21:06 Wood-Monkey XVII/18/m
1/2/1965 16:36 Wood-Snake XVI/39/f 8/2/2005 22:39 Wood-Bird XVII/19/f
20/2/1966 10:50 Fire-Horse XVI/40/m 29/1/2006 14:16 Fire-Dog XVII/20/m
9/2/1967 10:44 Fire-Sheep XVI/41/f 17/2/2007 16:15 Fire-Pig XVII/21/f
29/1/1968 16:30 Earth-Monkey XVI/42/m 7/2/2008 03:46 Earth-Rat XVII/22/m
16/2/1969 16:26 Earth-Bird XVI/43/f 26/1/2009 07:56 Earth-Ox XVII/23/f
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