Jampa Ling Buddhist Centre, Ireland
- Teachings and Events: Autumn 2000 - Spring 2001 -
Main Centre:
Owendoon House, Bawnboy, Co. Cavan, Ireland
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Tel. ++353-49-9523448  -  Fax: ++353-49-9523046  -  Email:.jampaling@eircom.net
Jampa Ling
Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Tel. ++353-51-4423857
Jampa Ling
Antrim Road, Belfast, N. Ireland
Tel. ++44-90-589442
All Courses Given by Ven. Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche
- at the main centre in Co. Cavan, Ireland
28th - 29th of October 2000
An Introduction to the Teachings of the Buddha and to Meditation
This weekend is for the benefit of those people new to Buddhist philosophy and meditation, but can also serve as a refresher course for others.
25th - 26th of November 2000
Commentary on the Practise of the 35 Buddhas
This is a profound practise of purification within the sutra tradition. It focuses on five Buddhas who are antidotes to various negative emotions and represent the positive qualities we aspire to within ourselves.
20th of of December 2000
Tsongkhapa Day
Ceremonies, meditation
20th-21st of January 2001
What do we really mean by renunciation? How can a true understanding of this be beneficial in our daily lives and create happiness.
17th-18th of February 2000
Bodhicitta is a state of mind which wishes to bring all beings to their highest potential - that of Buddhahood. It transforms every action into benefit for others. Essential to the path but can it be achieved?
25th of February 2001
Celebration of the Tibetan New Year (year of the snake).
17th-18th of March 2001
Correct View - Shunyata
Does the way we perceive the world create our unhappiness? Is there any insight that can change the quality of our lives.
13th-16th of April 2001
Easter Retreat
A four day retreat using the meditation from the teaching weekends.
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