Gallery of
by Hans Taeger
- from the early 70's.
- each page has some pro, critical and general quotes concerning psychedelics, Buddhism, self-experience and wisdom
Psychedelic Self #1 (1972)
Psychedelic Self #2 (1972)
Psychedelic Self #3 (1973)
Psychedelic Self #4 (1972) thumbnails. #2 #3 #4
Psychedelic Self #5 (1972)
Psychedelic Diary '74
Psychedelic Diary 15/8/73
Psychedelic Diary '73
Psychedelic Self #6 (1973) thumbnails #6 #7 #8 #9
Psychedelic Diary '73
Psychedelic Self #7 (Good Friday 1973)
Psychedelic Self #8 (1972) thumbnails #11 #12
Psychedelic Self #9 (1972)
Psychedelic Self #10 (1974)
Psychedelic Self #11 (1970)
Psychedelic Freedom #1 (1972) thumbnails #14 #15 #16
Psychedelic Chakra (1972)
Psychedelic Freedom #2 (1972)
Psychedelic Freedom #3 (1972) thumbnails #18 #19
Psychedelic Freedom #4 (1972)
Psychedelic Diary (1970)
Psychedelic Self #12 (1975) thumbnails #21 #22
- This is a small selection of my psychedelic sketches and diary pages from the early seventies, done under the influence of lsd-25. They don't have any artistic value. But at that time of my spiritual development they had a very special meaning for me in clearing and freeing my mind, fighting through my various inner masks and barriers, and  opening doors towards magical tantric dimensions of the higher self as best described in Tibetan Buddhism. In 1976 I slowly finished my empirical psychedelic research which started in 1963, and switched over to Tibetan meditation techniques. Between 1979-82 I crowned my spiritual career so far by doing a 2 1/2 year meditation retreat under the guidance of my teacher Tenga Tulku Rinpoche. But getting that far was only made possible by working systematically through thousands of psychedelic self-experiences and sailing in the wind of the golden and unique hippy era of the sixties. Unfortunately I doubt very much that this could be repeated in the cooling out era of our actual time, dominated by stress, materialism, hard drugs and a marketed spirituality. But times change and I hope that humanity will once be able to discover the true nature of mind and 'reality' be it with or without the help of lsd-25. In the meantime we should increase our efforts by using methods of meditation and at the same time help to establish a wide range of psychedelic research centre's worldwide to further explore the interrelations between mind-expanding drugs, religious experience and the Buddhist world-view. The results so far show very clearly that there are connections of this kind which can't be simply ignored. May wisdom once rule the world.
- I added also to all pages of this little gallery some pro, critical and general quotes from various researchers, spiritual teachers and practitioners. Most quotes are cited from the Buddhist magazine 'Tricycle' (5th anniversary special issue: Buddhism & Psychedelics, fall 1996). This collection of quotes will be extended from time to time. Also some personal reflections will follow. 
Click pages 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/ or thumbs can take anything
"There is a story that when the Dalai Lama was asked if you could use drugs to attain enlightenment, he said, "I sure hope so". And when Zen Master Seung Sahn was asked what he thought about using drugs to help in the quest for self-knowledge he said: "Yes, there are special medicines which, if taken with the proper attitude, can facilitate self-realization". Then he added: "But if you have the proper attitude, you can take anything - take a walk, or a bath."  (Tricyle)
Results from a poll of the Buddhist magazine 'Tricycle' (autumn 96)
"Number of responses: 1,454 (63% from the magazine, 37% from the web). 89% said that they were engaged in Buddhist practice. 83% said that they had taken psychedelics. Over 40% said that their interests in Buddhism was sparked by psychedelics, with percentages considerably higher for boomers than for twentysomethings. 24% said that they are currently taking psychedelics, with the highest percentage for people over 50 and under 30. 41% said that psychedelics and Buddhism do not mix OR: 59% said that psychedelics and Buddhism do mix. The age group that expressed the most confidence in a healthy mix was under 20. 71% believe that "psychedelics are not a path but they can provide a glimpse of the reality to which Buddhist practice points." 58% said that they would consider taking psychedelics in a sacred context. (In the "under 20" category this percentage was 90 %)."    (read about this 'Tricycle' issue / order this issue)
... it depends
"The use of drugs on its own does not necessarily lead to enlightenment. Any group, ancient or modern, which confuses the use of particular substances with sanctity itself is destined for disillusionment... whether drugs lead to illumination or degradation depends on the spirit in which one takes them."     ~ George Andrews in a footnote of his book 'Drugs and Magic'.  (read about this book / order this book) philosophy.~.'spirituality and psychedelics drugs' (a scientific study and book by Hans Taeger).~.recommended psychedelic books (Amazon).~.nature of mind (Alex Grey).~.psychedeliscope (great java applet).~.fractal art by Tamrof.~.psychedelic webrings and informative links.~.
- All graphics and illustrations on this pages are copyrighted (ask) -
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