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Hans 1982 -after his 2 1/2 yrs. meditation retreat (Click Photo)  - PREMARK -
Since being a child I always was fascinated by metaphysical and mystical realities. Already in 1961 I experimented with Mescaline and Grass and from 1964 to 1978 with the king of all mind-expanding drugs: LSD-25. As an enthusiastically engaged spiritual seeker I found it hard to understand, that others used those sacred drugs for mere entertainment and sex stimulation or ignored a harmonious set and setting etc. Anyhow, I worked always systematically and very hard on what I had experienced, searching for explanations, working through tons of books, psychology, depth psyhology (Jung), discovered Astrology, Hinduism and at last Tibetan Buddhism. Here I felt 'at home', experiencing the tantric and magic reality again and again and felt relieved that Yogis and Tantricians discovered those very same mystical realms already thousands of years before. I wasn't alone and not in danger of  becoming crazy. Just instead of sitting in a retreat-cave for decades I used an option of our modern times.
   I clearly have to state that I never got addicted to LSD and think that this is not even possible with this special psychedelic drug. I never met an LSD addict, but many addicts of hard drugs (e.g. heroin, cocain, speed) as well as legal drugs like alcohol, cigarettes or coffee. The best chemicals which positively enforce the effects of LSD are black tea and sugar or sweets. I also was lucky enough that I never experienced so called 'bad trips' or any negative effects on body, soul and mind. It was the other way round. I was blooming, spiritually growing and enjoying every day of this precious and highly creative time of the Sixties and early Seventies. But I know that others had problems with all this, misusing their magical energies for stupid power games or coming to wrong conclusions, which can lead to serious but temporary mind distortions. So LSD can also be enlightening and dangerous at the same time! And that's the unsolved problem with this powerful key drug. On the other hand it would be a sin to stop it's use. For serious mind research there should be options for legal experiments. I am convinced that LSD, used in a wise and intelligent way has the potential to open our eyes for understanding the hidden nature of our mind and thereby the nature of the universe - better than a thousand Hubble telescopes! A fool who goes for a general legalization. A fool who ignores the evidence and necessity for a legal niche of further research!
   Being at university it was a logical consequence for me to become a Albert Hofmann, inventor of LSD and Hans 1998LSD-Researcher and to write my dissertation on interactions between LSD, metaphysical and mystical experiences and the intensifying effects of music and sound, based on 60 extensive drug-interviews. Unfortunately the book ('Spirituality and Drugs') is just available in German. Hopefully it eventually will find a translator. In 1976 I stopped LSD and went on with traditional Tibetan meditation techniques, which can create similar results. But without the intensive psychedelic pre-experience of a critical mind-researcher I never would even have arrived in the Himalayas. In this I differed from the majority of traditional practitioners, who came to Tibet by belief, instinct or guru-dedication. In contrast to them I didn't had to 'believe' things. I 'knew' what to expect and due to my psychedelic past I had and still have an easy and quick acess to altered states of mind. Many channels are already open or just need a little kick to re-open. All this is part of my individual biography and cannot be generalized. On top of it, it was the open spirit of the Sixties which made all this possible. It can't be repeated the same way in the completely different quality of time of the early 21st century, which definitely has not the charm, flair, openess and sunshine of the former flower-power era. Even a tiny bacteria needs a special climate and environment for growing!
   So don't play around with Psychedelics! Pure LSD is not a popular substance anymore and 'if' one get's it, it most certainly is mixed with other chemicals like speed or ecstacy. This drug-coctail can indead lead to addiction and mental confusion, not LSD as a pure, unmixed substance! Inform yourself, take care, check your motivation and don't misuse this sacred key drug, loosing the chance for a unique and relatively speedy spiritual development! -Until a restricted legalization has taken place I have to warn again, that the use of LSD is an illegal act and that I don't want to enforce anybody for it's use. Especially not in this stressy and cooling out quality of time. I simply want to give some informations on psychedelics (basically LSD) on the basis of newest research. Unfortunately Albert Hofmann, inventor of LSD, is right when gave his latest book the title 'LSD, My Problem Child'.
- Click here for some informative books on Psychedelic Research.
- Enjoy my gallery of psychedelic sketches.with many pro and contra quotes concerning spirituality and LSD.
- The following link-collection is for information only. I'm not a drug activist. Only a searcher for truth.
Some Reliable Recources and Research Activities
Bibliographica Studiorum Psychedelicorum
Informations, Research, Chemical & Botanical Studies, Sociology, History, Creativity, Religion, Articles, Psychotherapy, Images... *
CRRH - Campaign for the Restoration & Regulation of Hemp
News, Support, Legalization, Medical Use of Hemp, Hemp Products, Industrial Use, Archives, Politics, Education... **
CSP - Council of Spiritual Practices
Entheogens and Spirituality, Behavior, Biomedical Sciences, Religion, Research, Meditation, Yoga... **
Entheogens, Spiritual Aspects, Shamanism, Philosophy, Politics, Art, Music, T. Leary, T. McKenna, R.A. Wilson, Bibliography... **
Do It Now Foundation
Publications, Online Texts, Archives, Interviews... *
DRCNet - The Drug Reform Coordination Network
Legalization, Informations, Medical Use, Reports, Library, Archives, Discussions, Drug War... *
Heffter Research Institute (HRI)
Mission, Articles, News, Research, Hallicinogenic Drugs, Graphics... *
Albert Hofmann: LSD, My Problem Child
Online-Version of A. Hofmann's Book 'LSD, My Problem Child' (History, Research, Use, Ernst Jünger, A. Huxley, W. Vogt, Experience and Reality...)... **
Island Web - Psychedelic Culture
Online Magazine, Publications, Community, Chat, Forum, A. Huxley, Marketplace... **
MAPS - Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
Scientific Psychedelic Research, Archives, Magazine, Memberships, Forum, Conferences, Bibliography...**
NonFiction Books, Magazines, Audio Visual Material, Guides, Links ... *
Psychedelic Personalities (powered by Lycaeum)
Famous Writers, Poets, Artists, Scientists... of the Psychedelic Movement (Photos, Articles, Tapes, Books...)...** 
Schaffer Library on Drug Policy
Drug Politics, Archives, Activities, Information, Research, Library, Media, Laws ... **
The Albert Hofmann Foundation
A. Hofmann, LSD Research, Mission, Culture, Projects, Reviews, Museum of Psychedelic History...**
The Lindesmith Centre
Library, Database, Research Briefs, Legal Aspects, Cites & Sources, News, Features, Books, Seminars...**
The Lycaeum - Entheogenic Database & Community
Entheogens, Documentation, Library, Reports, Images, Forum's, Chat, Archives, Books, Research, Health Risks...***
The Psychedelic Library
Online Book Titles (Huxley, A. Watts, A. Hofmann, Charles T. Tart...) ... *
The Vaults of Erowid
Plants, Drugs, Mind, Spirit, Arts, Sciences, Law, Archives, Articles ... **
Think for Yourself
Drug War, Drug Policy, Legalization... (Documents, Archives) ... * 
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" From my point of view, Buddhism is the closest to the psychedelic experience, at least in terms of LSD. LSD catapults you beyond your conceptual structures. It extricates you.. It overrides your habits of identification with thoughts and puts you into a nonconceptual mode very fast." ......- Ram Dass -
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