Website Philosophy ( the spirit of Libra and Venus...)
"To understand the whole it is necessary to understand the parts. To understand the parts, it is necessary to understand the whole. Such is the circle of understanding. "  (Ken Wilber in 'Eye of Spirit')

    - The motivation  for creating those sites met the deep wish of Hans Taeger to find out where he stands, enabling him to filter and to set new priorities concerning his, Thomas' and eventually some other friends future path. Many know us just as astrologers and data collectors, but that's just a part (-even though an important one) of what we are involved in. The decision to dedicate so much time and energy into astrological data research, sprang from the insight, that in order to help Astrology there is one prerequisite: -accurate data research, to give Astrology a future. Now, that we see that others continue this important work and that the astrological community has an awareness of the importance of exact and trusty data, we feel happy, relieved and free to focus our energies on additional facettes of our spiritual path. -
    - A life span is short. There is now some knowledge, understanding and wisdom.  A good prepared soil to start realizations. For an active and multilayered mind there is nothing more dangerous than stagnation, repeating the same routines, becoming unflexible and degenerate towards a spiritual pensioner. So those sites should be understood as a spiritual self-analysis, an interim balance, a tabula rasa of 35 years of intensive and dedicated work, covering the fields of Astrology, Buddhism, Psychedelic Research and related areas. For this Taeger decided to use the new electronic media to let others participate and eventually get some feedback, inspirations or even new friends who share a similar spirit of mind evolution.

    - As TV doesn't produce b/w anymore nor radio stations broadcasting in mono, we decided to use some options of  modern webdesign  and hi-tech. Even knowing that all we create *now* will be a museum piece in a couple of years or even month :>)  :>(

    - All our sites are continuously beta-versions! Everything can look different tomorrow like the changeability of mind and thoughts. Try to catch the wind or a cloud passing by, - simply impossible. That's the chaotic side of creativity and the magick of the air-element of libra, gemini and aquarius. -

    - In general we decided to create a  non-commercial  site. A CD-ROM we offer is just cost price. Basically there is nothing wrong combining spirituality with a little bit of materialism, but it gives *us* a better feeling not to mix those two worlds. If we find patrons for our work (or they find us): Great! But it's useless to force this.

    - By our own empiric experiences we feel authorized to state, that ultimate 'real' esoteric dimensions are full of  beauty, color  and harmony. This concept seems new to some. - Those searchers should research their fundamental understanding again. If one hides in the grey or the gothic, behind puritanism or in a more intellectual world or one has a difficult horoscope- or psychological landscape (...), one should be aware, that behind words, selfmade rules and restrictions and all this masochistic grey there always waits a bright and vibrant mystical dimension for all of us. Sooner or later one will have the privilege to face all this, enjoy it and be your - 'self'! -

    - Also bringing together  the fields of Astrology, Buddhism and Psychedelic Research seems strange or offensive to some. For us they are a whole. They all deal and try to explain the same hidden nature of ourself. The light, the magick, the energies, the potential of the inner and outer universe, the karmic destination, the meaning of life. -

    - As advocates of an  unorthodox  and modern interpretation and presentation of old wisdoms, esoteric knowledge and even religion we try to 'translate' those old traditions and their basic ideas matching the spirit of the beginning 21st century. Traditionalist's or better translators may have mercy.-

    - This site is also dedicated to the great spirit of the psychedelic hippie generation (*) and it's culture. Experiencing and exploring the nature of mind in an unorthodox, risky and most creative way. Still unrecognized,  misunderstood and outlawed by the majority of the society.
(*) - Basically the generation with Pluto in leo and Neptune in libra.

. - We should not ignore or forget the fact that it was this psychedelic inspired generation, coming from the academic scene of Western universities, which opened so many doors for the rediscovery and new interpretation of:
Esoterics(- finding a more open, human, positive and tolerant attitude towards Western and Eastern esoteric traditions, re-discovering the magical and mystical realities and looking into the world with the uninfluenced and innocent eyes of a child),
Eastern Religions (- discovery, fresh understanding and integration of Hinduist, Buddhist, Taoist, Shamanist, Tantric and other wisdom insights and traditions/...practicing meditation, yoga, martial arts ... as part of normal life),
Astrology (- freeing astrology from it's restricting, occult, determining and inhuman attitudes of the past/- making her socially acceptable and re-discovering her high rank or even her *potential* to become again ... Babylonia,Egypt,Greek,Roman,Celtic,India ...  a future world religion and leading science...),
Depth Psychology (- discovering the collective unconsciouness, the archetypal levels of our hidden nature with the initial help of psychedelics (- C.G. Jung renaissance), as well as our psyche and sexuality in general/- overcoming male and female fixations/- inventing new and open forms of group- and self experiences...),
Spirituality (- overcoming a mere materialistic worldview, refining the senses, following various spiritual ideals to reach perfection and to help others on their similar ways...)  ... and ...
   ... which created completly new forms in the fields of:
Arts (- pop art, op-art, psychedelic art, fractal art, esoteric art/- new impulses on theatre and cinema/- rediscovery of ethnic art/- a new affinity to color, beauty and originality and an understanding that heart and art belong together ...),
Design (- surfing through the net one can feel the sympathy and love for the magic of all kinds of psychedelic effects, dto. fashion, disco, interior design...),
Music (- from Pop to Rock to Psychedelic to Trance, Ambiant and Experimental - for many their main daily food - ),
Literature (from J. Kerouac to A. Watts to A. Ginsberg to M. Ende.../- from science fiction to phantasy to esoteric poetry/- from comics to graffito...),
Life Style (individuality, higher awareness of set and setting, outing oneself, developing openess and flexibility, overcoming tabus, living in open relationships, behaving and feeling  cosmopolitan ...),
Philosophy (- e.g. Buddhism meets science and the West/- thinking in global, cosmic, holistic and esoteric dimensions becomes accepted...),
New Age (- interrelations between religions, esoteric sciences, body awareness, astrology, psychedelic experiences, academic sciences, cultures, countries, continents .../ - common search for light and enlightenment...),
Environmental Sensibility (- green movement, planet-consciousness, collective responsibility, getting in friendship with nature...) etc.

Rainbow Ribbon of Kindness (click for explanation)
- Many simply don't know the fact that all this mind expanding processes started due to the sensitization and sensory refinements by using the initial help of psychedelics (- Lama Yeshe called them once 'the Wisdom of the West') and later replaced or supplemented by various meditation practices. This silent, colorful, exciting, mind-active and flowering revolution had the same short lifespan and intensity as the blossom and fading of a wonderful flower, spreading from San Francisco all over the world. We Ex-Hippies are still very thankful for that karmic bonus which allowed us to be part of this important time sequence, missed by many and unknown by the younger generation (- even though very interested).
   - Unfortunately some of these findings and impulses are commercialized to death by now, in wrong hands,  fossilized by over-organisation, split up by sectarianism or spiritual jealousy. What the Sixties have started is highly in danger of losing it's original spirit of freedom, tolerance, love and wisdom.
   - It's our intention trying to re-explore and re-evaluate the importance of this great Zeitgeist era and it's immense resources.
   - With the help of psychedelics and accompanying insights the hippie generation of the Sixties re-opened the 'collective heart chakra' as a main starting point for reflecting, understanding and reacting towards the cooling out world of those days. The wisdom of the heart became a main sense organ, mirror and 'answering machine', trying to replace a materialistic and inhuman world of mere intellect, cold-heartedness, power games, reason and convention.
   - It's a natural law that living from the heart enforces 'automatically' values and energies which stand for tolerance, peace, freedom of individuality, beauty and spirituality. Values, which were surpressed by empty moral restrictions, aggressions and narrow-mindedness of petty bourgeoisie. With a blocked heart like this and without the refreshing help of Albert Hofmann and the psychedelic movement we would still live in a very sad world today. The Hippies, who created so many alternatives for our society and still have so much to offer were often smiled at and were seen as just tolerated exotic outsiders. But vice versa it was society which was 'outside',  'exotic' and had lost it's roots.
   - It's wiser not to expect that politics or Wall Street would bring us any enlightenment, happiness and harmony (-even though many believe this, being continously frustrated). Instead we should use our mind and reason to understand that this is a very private task. A better world needs better people, encreasing wisdom and spiritual goals for orientation. There are many ways and methods, false or irritating ones, good ones, long ones or shortcuts. Like many hippies of those days we found out that a wise handling of astrology in combination with the treasury of deep insights coming from the Buddhist and Asian site, keeping up with the modern times has a good chance to transform our world (- inner and outer) into a very precious and enjoyable place.
   - We think it's really worth looking back at what the psychedelic culture once started and use some of it's spirit, wisdom and intelligence as a friendly reminder and eye-opener. In this we would love to inspire others to understand, re-experience and continue what the Sixties have started: the discovery of the magick, the wisdom and the powers of the flowers - and sharing all this in the spirit of a natural and spontaneous way of loving but unconditional kindness (-the best what Venus and Libra can offer). We believe that at the end there is no way around all this!
   - With Neptune and Uranus surfing through Aquarius we have the feeling that the timing is good now and the WWW is a great place to help and inform each other, exchanging insights or even to start a cyberspacy hippie-renaissance and creating new forms of www-Bodhisattvas, with the net as their multimedia platform.

Click for Hans and Thomas- But don't get a wrong picture of us: Yes, there are certain realities and experiences which are holy and heart-touching. Those dimensions most be presented accordingly. It's not fake piety! Other areas are more down to earth and need a different form of presentation. That's all part of this crazy cosmic game. We should just be aware not to mix those different levels like a bad coctail. So believe us, we certainly are not  angels  (-just occasionally), we went through a *lot* and have a good sense of humour too. The wise, the fool and the child in man, are often close together. Shine on into the Millenium,Hans&Thomas

- It's all an illusion anyhow, -but maybe a helpful one.-

- Tzag Tselo Manjushri!
- May all beings find happiness & enlightenment by discovering the nature of mind !

-  And don't forget: "If we were to read about spiritual things, it is only words...What is of greatest importance is that we have experience. Not words, no beliefs, but experience."(Dr. Albert Hofmann)
updated June 2000

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