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- Manjushri Mandala and the Institute for Astroenergetic Studies were established in 1975 by Hans-Hinrich Taeger (Champa Legshe) and under the patronage of Lama Yeshe, Geshe Rabten and Tenga Tulku with the aims of  bringing together Tibetan Buddhism, Western astrology and new age spirituality -
Teachers/Biographies/Photo Pages Tibetan Art  sorted by Sanskrit names
Teacher's of Hans-Hinrich Taeger . (updated 1/2000) Thangka Gallery # 1 (Taeger-Collection)
Lama Yeshe: A Milestone in My Life Begtse
Lama Yeshe & Lama Zopa - Photo Dragon (Drug Dru)
Geshe Rabten - Biographical Notes Green Garden Buddha
Tenga Rinpoche - Biographical Notes Guhyasamaja (Sangdupa).(central mandala deity)
Tenga Rinpoche - Small Page Hevajra (Kye Dorje) (central mandala deity)
Kalu Rinpoche - Biographical Notes Kalachakra (Dükyi Korlo) (central mandala deity)
Kalu Rinpoche - Small Page Karmasattva / Vishvapani  (Chakna Natsho Dorje)
Kalu Rinpoche - Photo 4 Mahasiddhas
Zong Rinpoche - Biographical Notes Mahasiddha Kucipa
Gangchen Tulku & Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche Manjugosha » Manjushri (Orange)
Gangchen Tulku: The Healing Lama Manjushri-1 (Orange) / Vâdisimkha Manjugosha
Gangchen Tulku - Photo Impressions Manjushri-2 (Orange) / Vâdisimkha Manjugosha
Geshe Ngawang Gyatso - Small Page Manjushri (White) (Jamyang Kharpo)
Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche..(New!. 09/00) Naga Goddesses (Lhu)
Hans Taeger - Initiation Page Nagaradja, Golden (Lhudjal)
Hans Taeger - Retreat Confirmation Prajnadrikh » Samayasattva
Articles Refuge Tree (Gelugpa)
Kalu Rinpoche: Mahamudra..(New!. 09/00) Samayasattva / Prajnadrikh (Damtzig Dorje)
Lama Yeshe: Buddhist Way of Thought Shakyamuni Buddha-1 (Shakya Thubpa)
Geshe Rabten: Buddhist Philosophy Shakyamuni Buddha-2 (Shakya Thubpa)
Kalu Rinpoche: 6 Bardos & the Nature of Mind Vajradhara (Dorje Chang)
Alex Grey - Nature of Mind Vajrakila (Dorje Phurba) (central mandala deity)
Shine Meditation Vajrapani (Chana Dorje)
Psychedelic Buddha (Buddha Families) Vishvapani » Karmasattva
Book Recommendations on Tibetan Buddhism Wheel of Karma
Special Deity Pages..- not listed in the Galleries White Tara-1 (Dölma Kharpo)
Mentor (White Manjushri) White Tara-2 (Dölma Kharpo)
Green Tara Yama (Shinje)
8-armed Green Tara (2 pages/updated 10/00) Yama & Yami (Shinje)
Heruka-Chakrasamvara.(central mandala deity) Yamantaka (Dorje Jikche) (central mandala deity)
Manjushri (Skyblue) Amitayus Buddha..(New!. 09/00)
Nagas (Lhu)
Nagaradja (Lhudjal)
Nagaradja (detail)
Shakyamuni Buddha (Shakya Thubpa)
Vajrakila (Dorje Phurba)..(central mandala deity)
Vajrapani..(digital remodelled 11/00)
Tibetan Calendar System/Pick up your New Year's gift...(New!. 2/00)
Gallery of Psychedelic Sketches by Hans Taeger..(23 pages)...(New!. 3/00)
Witty Wisdom Quotes Collection..(5 pages)...(New!. 5/00)
Quotes & Thoughts by Hans Taeger....(New!. 5/00)
Nagaradja-Gift..(New!. 10/00)    Find some unique Buddhist gifts.for your site   (New!. 10/00)
Courses and Activities at Jampa Ling, Ireland   (New!. 10/00)
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November 2000/updated May 2001

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