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"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious - the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science."...- A. Einstein..."The soul never thinks without a picture."...- Aristotle...."It's kind of fun to do the impossible."...- Walt Disney
-..The.IAS and Manjushri-Mandala websites (- actually more than.500 MB) are programmed using the present standards of computer technology (Pentium, 17" screen, quick graphic card) and are best viewed with.Netscape 4.70.or Bill Gates Internet Explorer (4x upwards) and a high color resolution. All pages are checked against.IE 5.5.but look not identical with the Nestcape version. Unbelievable but reality: all follow-up Netscape versions (4.71-4.77, 5.0, 6.0) have some difficulties to display Composer designed pages! - If you view this sites using an older computer generation or on a small screen or with a less known or rather 'antique' browser you will get all basic informations but the visual display could have a reduced quality, show some graphical distortions, various disformations and could have longer loading times. We are *very*sorry for possible problems of this kind, caused by the speedy developments of computer technology and having no common standards between the different browsers.

-..Beside.our oldtimer called 'Aspargus' (having a slim and high tower) for lo-tech testing (486 DX2 100 MHZ, 32 MB RAM, 15" Monitor, NT 4.0) we basically use 2 Gateway 2000 computers. flagship, honored with the name 'Manjushri': Pentium III, 21" monitor, 19GB, 386 MB RAM, Windows NT 4.0 - Service Pack 5.0 and our upgraded Gateway, called 'Peng' (switching him on the first time his transformer exploded dramatically): Pentium II, 17" monitor, 15 GB, 256 MB RAM, Windows NT 4.0 - Service Pack 5.0. All 3 monitors have Sony Triniton inside.
For designing we mainly use the 17" monitor version ('Peng'). our sites you need at least a HTML 3.2 (or later) compatible browser and a screen resolution of at least.1024 x 768 pixels in 32768 colors and on full screen.(- for small monitors, - reduced screen for huge monitors). IE users may have to decrease their viewing size (one step below "medium").

-..Warning.!!!:.If you are afraid of colors please put your sunglasses on or simply put a cover over your monitor! In case you are colorblind you may see our pages in a completly different way they originally were designed. Sorry for this. -
-..For.WEBDESIGN we use following software for  Windows NT 4.0 Workstation:.Netscape Composer 4.70, WebeditPro 2.0, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 + Image Ready  (also older versions like 3.0 and 4.0),.PhotoImpact 6.(Ulead),.Gallery Effects. (Adobe),. Eyecandy. (Extensis),.KPT 3, KPT 6, KPT Convolver.(MetaCreations),.XOOM. Web Clip Empire 150,000, XOOM Web Clip Empire 100,000, XOOM 3-D Web, XOOM WebPage Power Pack, Richard O'Brien's remarkable.Fractal Design CD's ('Erd Ogivae'),Corel Draw 8.0 (also older versions like 7.0 & 6.0), WebDirector,.Paint Shop Pro 5.03 & 6.0 & 7.02,.Dreamweaver 2.01.(Macromedia), Creative Design Pack (Epson), Microsoft FrontPage Editor, WordPad,GIF Wizard, CPIC 5.0 (Photodex/Great program!),.Gif Construction (Alchemy Mindworks), various.Javascript.freeware and others.
-..Now.see for yourself how little we are able to do with all this sophisticated software! It's a shame.
-..The original fonts this pages are designed with are.'Times New.Roman and Ariel'..Take notice that IE and NS display Times New Roman differently.

- Some services we use:
- Our favorite guestbook is from.Bravenet
- Our second guestbook is from.Guestgear.Tripod/Lycos Guestbook
- The counters come from..'Merlin's Ultimate Counter'and.Bravenet
- For site statistics we use the professional version of  'Extreme Tracking'Extreme Tracker
- For our 2-monthly IAS Newsletter we use the non-commercial version of..'Listbot'Listbot
- For our site-search we use.'PinPoint'
- Our main Linksite is from..Bravenet
- Our main search engine and site search is
- Click here to download Netscape 4.70- Download Netscape 4.70 and/or - Download Explorer 5.5 or 6.0 Explorer (or Opera)
Our site is an Associate of, and and
.. is created by two crazy Buddhist cyber-monks:.Hans.(art concepts, site-design, contents, keeping a broad view).and.Thomas.(- webmaster/ -struggeling with the technical aspects of webdesign). In the early stage (98) we were initiated into some mysteries of web-design by Tobias Ferber (dedicated programmer of the Taeger-Archives, technical tips),.Varina Gellrich.(some artistic tips),.Dorje Taktzak (who painted many of the Buddhist illustrations for us) and others. We don't know if this initiation was a good idea, but thank you! -

- Enjoy.our pages. We worked very hard on them, keeping in mind to create a balance between text and visual informations and to bring over the magick in the  spirit  of libra and Venus. -

©..1998/99/00/01 Hans-Hinrich Taeger, Thomas Siegfried (IAS & Manjushri Mandala)
-..'Copy - right' means feel invited to copy, but do it the right way. Just mention the source, give us a link and drop us a note.-

-..We.are urgently looking for a creative and crazy WEBDESIGNER with a good motivation and who would like to work with us here in Ireland. Preferable a gemini-sun, a dedicated nightowl and enlightened enough to ignore all money aspects :-) 

-..Wir.suchen dringend einen nett-verueckten, interessierten und kreativen WEBDESIGNER,  der mit uns hier in Irland zusammenarbeiten moechte. Vorzugsweise eine Zwillinge-Sonne, Nachteule und Geldverächter :-)

updated:  May 2001
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