Nagaradja (Lhudjal)
The Serpent King and Master of Tantra
- Phu -
The Nagaradja's are mythological serpent kings which rule the various cosmic oceans. Traditionally there are 10 major Nagaradjas ruling the 4 main directions (east, west, south, north), the 4 sub-directions (east-west, north-east etc.) as well as zenith and nadir. According to the elements (east=water=blue, north=air=green etc.) and mixing of the elements (bluegreen, yellowred etc.) they have a different color. Their main attributes are precious stones which they wear in their crowns and which symbolize their vast magic potential. Their mythological enemies are the garudas (primordial birds) which try to steal those stones. Because of their strong magical powers (siddhis), their great tantric knowledge, and to keep them in a peaceful mood (they quickly can change into wrathful emanations, called Nagarakshas), some tantric rituals start with inviting the 10 big naga-kings by the intonation of the so-called 10 long Phu's. PHU is the seed-syllable for all nagaradjas. The short mantra is OM NAGARADJA SARVA SIDDHI HUNG. - This painting by Tenga Tulku shows the gold-yellow Nagaradja, surrounded by Manjushri, White Tara, Vajrakila and some naga-deities (lhu). It is the special protector deity of Hans Taeger (Champa Legshe) and Manjushri Mandala.
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