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Feel free to download those thangka-paintings for private use. When you click on the icons, you get a larger image with additional text. All pictures and statues of the Buddhist Galleries are from the private collections of Hans-Hinrich Taeger and not for sale. For reprints in books or for commercial use (in a higher resolution) etc. please contact:
Try to imagine that the pictures are rainbow deities of your higher self and honor them accordingly. Many deities can be seen as wisdom aspects of planetary and zodiacal energies. The 6 element lights are black (the primordial basic energy from which all other elements arise), dark blue (water element), yellow (earth element), red (fire element), green (air element) and white (ether element).
As a 7th 'element' or state of mind one can understand the lightblue dimension of nondualistic emptiness (Mahamudra). Try to understand that the body of those deities have a transparent, radiating light character (rainbow body). They are dynamic beings like you and me (no statues). Their attributes, gestures and even the smallest details have a profound meaning. Thangkas have two main functions: firstly they lead you into a magical reality which is also part of your inner light nature. By identifying with those deities, you step by step assimilate their (your) wisdom and power using special light-sounds (seed syllabels), mantras and inner and outer visualizations (-tantra aspects). Their (your) basic nature is emptiness, purity and formless light, from which they (we) can spontaneously emerge to form a dreamlike body. Secondly thangkas explain in a very profound way the philosophy and psychology of Buddhism (-sutra aspects). So those pictures have the potency to replace many philosophy books
(-learning by seeing).
Click thumbnails for an enlargement with some commentaries.
- Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures. They were scanned 2 years ago for a quick loading at that time. For the actual computer generations and the quick ISDN connections we will do better scans as soon as our time allows.

Psychedelic Buddha

Orange Manjushri
Vâdisimka  Manjugosha
Samayasattva/Amoghasiddhi SAMAYASATTVA
Damtzig Dorje
Shakyamuni Buddha SHAKYAMUNI
Shakya Tubpa
Dölma Kharpo
Wheel of Karma WHEEL OF KARMA Golden Nagaradja NAGARADJA 
Yama and Yami YAMA
Gelugpa Refuge Tree REFUGE TREE
Karmasattva KARMASATTVA 
Dükyi Korlo
White Manjushri WHITE
Jamyang Kharpo
Offering Dragon DRAGON 
Drug Dru
Mahasiddha Kucipa MAHASIDDHA KUCIPA  Vajradhara/Dorje Chang VAJRADHARA 
Dorje Chang
Yamantaka YAMANTAKA 
Dorje Jikche
White Tara WHITE TARA 
Dölma Kharpo
Four Mahasiddhas FOUR MAHASIDDHAS  Vajrapani VAJRAPANI 
Chana Dorje
Hevajra HEVAJRA 
Kye Dorje
Blue Vajrakila VAJRAKILA 
Dorje Phurba
Shakyamuni Buddha SHAKYAMUNI
Shakya Tubpa
Yama and Yami YAMA AND YAMI 
Orange Manjushri MANJUSHRI 
Vâdisimha Manjugosha
Naga Goddesses (Lhu) NAGA GODDESSES

Green Garden Buddha
Garden Buddha

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