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- Year 1999 -
Opening of our Bookshop in cooperation with Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. Hans went through his library and put together a selection of 93 Astrology books (English & German), grouped in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Concerning Tibetan Buddhism he choose 66 titles (also grouped in 3 levels). For Astronomy 36 books are recommended. Most titles have direct links to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de. This book lists will be updated continously.
In February our site was honored with 60 new Awards which can be viewed on awards pages 8-13. As a new feature every single award can be also clicked from the awards-entry page. Here you can also read a few keywords, describing the contents of the according awards-submitting pages. Sites of extra special interest are marked with stars (*/**/***). Whow, this awards section is very work-intensive to design and to maintain. But we think it's worth it, testing our site against the international standards. In terms of metals it seems that we are a 'Silver' site, even though some rate us as bronze or even gold.
We also installed a Free Linksite, where everybody can leave his URL. We are astonished how few people make use of it!
We decided also to become a member of the Webring: 'Mythos & Logos' and shared following New Age Groups: Amorology.net, New Civilization, Great Thinkers, World Peace, World Transformation, Deoxy.org, Pathways, Western Lands, Spiritech UK and Global Visions. Of course we can't identify with all the views of participating sites but we simply want to demonstrate our shared hope for a better and more spiritual orientated world.
Thomas created 2 photo Animations of us, his first experiments with a new software.
Due to a complete lack of cooperation of a German webmaster and Astrologer the online Taeger-Archives (already finished late summer 98) are not installed yet. We will look for a new solution in March. Wish us luck.
Knowing about the loads of already scanned texts and galleries we expanded the capacity of our site to 100 MB. Will be 400 MB if somebody installs our online archives!
In February we had 665 visitors, mainly from USA, Ireland and Germany.-
MARCH 1999
We extended our Bookshop and added 24 interesting titles on New Age Spirituality and 45 titles on psychedelic issues. March brought us 50 new site awards for content, design and creativity (Awards Pages 13-16). For our nearly 200 Web Awards we feel very proud and and want to thank all awards-giving websites and their reviewers *very* much. As a new option to navigate our expanding site we created a Site Directory page. Under Buddhism we added some biographical notes to honor our teacher Tenga Tulku Rinpoche. (Biographies of our other teachers will follow soon). The biographies of Hans Taeger became a facelifting and all sub-pages became a new design. The Astrology Newsletter- and Mailinglists of Tees Retsma are updated. March brought us 582 visitors to our Menu Page. Following site statistics our most frequented pages are: Thangka Gallery, Psychedeliscope :-) Taeger Biography, Mentor, Search Engines (worth to bookmark!), Awards and New Age Webgroups. We worked also on many older pages and installed some beautiful fractal backgrounds. 13 kind people signed our guestbook and we are in the stage of uploading our astrological archives, which will be soon available.
APRIL 1999
This month was dedicated to prepare a lot of new pages, which will be online midth of  May (3 Photo Galleries on Ireland, Donegal and Portsalon, a page on our house & garden, detailed biographies on Lama Yeshe and Kalu Rinpoche, some teachings by Lama Yeshe, a teaching by Kalu Rinpoche on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, some thangka pages, an updated Spanish version of the Taeger bio). Thomas is installing a comfortable Site Navigator and preparing a text-only-directory. The Taeger-Archives are uploaded and successfully tested. But we are not yet finished with the English user instructions and the online order facilities for the CD-ROM version. So please be patient until June. We are working full speed but don't want to risk a heart infarct!- We installed monitor functions for the complete site and found out that we have an average of 4000 unique hits per month from more than 300 referrers. The page on Astrology Congresses 1999/2000 is updated, we received 55 new awards(pages 16-20) and 15 kind people signed our guestbook.
MAY 1999
Sorry, we are still in the stage of preparing some wonderful pages. Things take longer than expected! But we managed to give our award galleries a complete face-lift, having received amazing 62 new site awards (pages 20-25). Being a Netscape site we forgot for a while to test our pages with Explorer. Oh my, we discovered a lot of ugly looking distortions and disfunctions! This will keep us busy to midth of June! In the meantime send us some kind prayers to find the energy and time for all this boring work. Thanx!
JUNE 1999
The Amazon book pages and the Abbreviation Lists  of the Taeger-Archives are updated. Our site has become now also an associate of Amazon.de (German books). As a new option we created 3 biorhythms pages for online calculations and with commentaries by Hans. This month our site received amazing 90 awards (pages 25-31). Thanx to everybody! According to Gayla's Garden awards pages we are among the top ten highest awarded sites in the net :-) - For anybody who would like to link to our site we have created a page with our banners. Many pages are updated for a better viewing with Explorer. There are also 6 new pages on all book titles of Hans Taeger (content & descriptions/bilingual). This month brought us 5300 unique visitors.
JULY 1999
Update of the psychedelic webring page. Joined the 'Psychedelic Joint Webring' with 280 members & the 'Cannabis Directory'with more than 500 members. - Sites which awarded us, gave us a favour or put a major banner-link to us, may receive our "IAS & Manjushri Mandala Kindness Reward 1999". If you gave us an award before July, please send us a notice to receive the Kindness Award. This award cannot be applied for. - We will start a public awards-program with the begin of the new millenniom (1st of January 2000). - We are now listed in the Top Ten List of the most awarded homepages in the net (place 7). Quite amazing! We designed 6 new banners in the standard sizes 400 x 40 and 460 x 60 and redesigned/updated 45 pages (marked 'July 99' at the bottom). Our site received 105 stunning awards (galleries 31-37) this month and got 7,000 unique hits (mainly from USA, Germany, UK, Portugal, Australia). 35 sites proudly display our Kindness Award.
We added more than 30 completely new or completely redesigned Buddhist pages and installed a Buddhist Sub-Menu, which lists all Buddhist pages in detail. There are now 66 Buddhist pages. Major Buddhist new pages are:
Biographical Notes on Kalu Rinpoche, Kalu Rinpoche: The 6 Bardos & The Nature of Mind,
Lama Yeshe, A Milestone in My Life, Lama Yeshe: Buddhist Way of Thought,
Geshe Rabten: Remarks on Buddhist Philosophy, Geshe Rabten (Biographical Notes),
Gangchen Tulku: The Healing Lama, Gangchen Tulku (Photo Impressions),
Zong Rinpoche (Biographical Notes) and many other minor pages (see Sub-Menu). We also added new titles to Buddhist bookshop. Even though it was holiday season we received 120 nice awards (galleries 37-46) and a record high of at least 10,000 unique hits.
A bit lazy month :-) But we managed to re-arange and re-design the Guestbook Pages, the Awards-Galleries and updated the astrological Mailing Lists,- Newsletter Lists and Congress Preview for 99 & 2000. We also added an AltaVista window to our popular Search Engines Pages. September brought us a record high of more than 11,000 unique hits, a 5th place among the Top 10 most awarded personal websites and 122 new awards (galleries 46-55).
Re-design and updating of various pages (to many to list). Thomas started to get used to our new Photoshop 5.0 (+ Image Ready). Results will show in the next month's. We also installed a new computer with all accompanying problems and nervous breakdowns (Gateway 2000, Pentium III, 21" monitor, 19GB, 386 RAM, Windows NT 4.0 - Service Pack 5.0) and upgraded our other Gateway (Pentium II, 17" monitor, 19 GB, 386 RAM, Windows NT 4.0 - Service Pack 5.0). October granted us 122 new awards (galleries 56-64) and a 4th place in the Top 10 list.
Complete re-design of our awards galleries and starting of a Gifts & Memento Collection. Hans started a little gallery of psychedelic sketches and diary pages of the early 70's (will be online next month). We kindly received 116 wonderful awards (galleries 65-72). On the 25th of Nov. we reached the magic mark of 1000 awards as the 4th homepage in the net (after Axel's Homeworld, Sten Lassen and The Little Dog Joschi). A little bit of Internet history. We hope that many will enjoy this unique collection and use it for applying! A warm Thankyou to all reviewers who made this possible! We also had a record high of more than 12,000 unique hits for the whole site. We prepared a lot of new pages and features (e-cards, forum's, web-radio, quick navigator, awards program and more) which will be available in a couple of weeks. If we just could clone ourselves to work quicker (- even complicated for tantric Buddhists)!
If you really want to get bored look at our new tables of.Site Statistics.for the period of April to Nov. 99 (6 pages). Don't miss our highly scientific and enlightening commentaries 's'. We addded 4 great recources to our New Age Linksite : Light Matrix, The Mystica, NewHeaven NewEarth, World of Metaphysics (highly recommended). - Looking for some special fonts for our site changed into a major adventure of surfing through some 7,000 freewarer fonts. As a  by-product we decided to make up a couple of pages withfonts we liked. Have a look. We also gave a face-lift to: Taeger's Books and Taeger's Teacher's. December brought us 12,800 unique hits, a 3rd place in the Top 10 list and 88 nice awards.
- 1999:.Since we introduced our site tracking (April 99) we've counted a minimum of 77,000 unique visitors. 220 kind people signed our guestbook, 91 used our freelink option, 70 sites banner-linked to us, more than 390 sites gave us a text-link, 280 sites accepted our Kindness Award and we were honored with 1050 awards during this period. We received also loads of interested & interesting emails and established some wonderful cyber-friendships. Thank you each and everyone! 1999 was really packed with enjoyment and hard work :-)
- For the last year of the old century (2000) we wish you much creativity, new insights and spiritual growth, and prepare for a New Age (Millennium) which starts against all rumours in January 2001. IAS & Manjushri Mandala -
- Year 2000 -
After some long inner fights we decided to check by and by all our major pages against IE 5.0. This will take a couple of months. We love Bill Gates for this traumatic and time-consuming job! But we owe it to our IE users. Most of the average surfers with their pre-installed MSIE are simply afraid dealing with the many technical problems of co-installing Netscape or change to Netscape completely. This is the whole mystery IE became so 'popular' and makes millions of webmasters so desperate :-) The same problems arise of course vis versa. - We all hope that this will once be a problem of the past. All pages marked at the bottom with Jan. or Febr. 00 are already checked against Explorer (around 25 pages).
- Thomas designed our new Kindness Award 2000. January brought us an unexpected record high of 24,000 visitors. The index- and menupage got a new look and we received some stunning designed 130 awards and a great feeback from all over the world. Thank you all! We answer all emails. Just have some patience.
First of all a happy, creative, inspirational and healthy Buddhist Iron-Dragon year, which starts at New Moon, Febr. 5th. A year for new and powerful decisions. - We updated our funny to read and amazing pages on our site statistics, which cover now the period of 10 month (April 99 - January 00). - Like to find out in what year you are born? Pick up a Tibetan New Year's gift? Click our new page: Tibetan Calendar System
- In a non-stop marathon and energetic fight we *completely* redesigned all 108 awards related pages (reviews, galleries, gifts) to please all explorers. Bill Gates, if you have a minimum of honor you ow us at least some luxury holidays on the Bahamas! And do us a favor, don't develop further explorers! - We decided also to participate at 2 new interesting newage-projects ('One Spirit' and 'Spirit Search'). They are listed under Spiritual Webgroups. In February we did receive 137 beautiful awards, did post 1800 New Year's greetings and New Year's gifts and gave our Kindness Award 2000 to 150 sites.
MARCH 2000
We updated our quite unique & popular Collection of 160 Search-Engines, added new links and 12 additional search windows for: Googles (amazing fast service!), Altavista (for all languages), MSN Search (Microsoft), C4 Total Search (multiple search/simply great), Monster Crawler (multiple search), ditto.com (image-search), Who Where (people finder/- email section), one2seek (Metasearch/- multiple search section), 1 Blink Com (multiple search section) and the German search engines windows for Fire-Ball, Lycos.de and Dino. - For those who don't have a translation facility with their browser we installed 'Babel Fish' from Altavista. At this Translation Office you can copy and paste plain text or URL's of our site for simple translations from English to: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. At the moment this translation link is only accessible from the main menu and the site directory. You need a certain amount of humor to work with those translations, but occasionally one get's a rough understanding :-) - We opened also a little gallery (23 pages) with psychedelic sketches and diary pages created by Hans in the early 70's. Each page has some pro, critical.and.general.quotes from various researchers, spiritual teachers and practitioners, concerning interrelations between psychedelic experiences, Buddhism and results of traditional meditation practices. 
- We've also updated the listings of Astrology Congresses 2000-2001, the Astrological Mailing Lists, and the Astrological Newsgroups & Newsletters. - In March our site got more than 26,000 unique hits and received 100 stunning awards.
APRIL 2000
Thomas designed 3 additional & beautiful banner logos for our site. - As a notorious collector Hans put together a remarkable collection of hand-picked witty wisdom quotes he found by surfing the net or in various books and magazines. To add to all the eye-candy some spicy mind-food we added to our various awards and gifts gallery's a selection of more than 400 quotes. Some separate quote pages will follow later.
- We've updated our guestbook section, splitted our first guestbooks entries (Nov. 98- April 2000) in 7 subpages, redesigned the actual guestbook, added  a second guestbook option (Bravenet), and offer a guestbook gift now. - Attention:.It came to our attention that somebody uses the email addresses of our guestbooks to send unsolicited mails, using our guestbook URL as a reference. Please be assured that those mails have obsolutely nothing to do with us or our site! - In April we had 20,000 unique hits and did receive 102 site awards.
MAY 2000
We became Site of the Month (May) at Dear B and Mountain Astrologer's Web Page Review of the Month (May). Thank you both! 'Breton Humors' declared us 'The Most Original Site of the Year' (look at this great designed page of honor).
- We decided to join the 'Inspiring Sites Webring' (see Spiritual Webgroups).
- Thomas designed 5 stunning mini-banners (31x88). We hope they find some friends (see banner-URL). - May brought us 22,000 unique visitors and we received 115 wonderful and surprising awards.
- take this or click for other banners
JUNE 2000
Hans finished the online version of his 'Witty Wisdom Quotes' (5 pages), sorted by categories, keywords and even a personal rating. A result of extracting aprox. 450 quotes, working through some 60,000 quotes. He added also a little collection of his own thoughts and quotes. The collection will be enlarged every 2 or 3 months.
- We installed a new and more comfortable 'Freelinks Site' (Bravenet) with the option to describe your URL more detailed (not just a few keywords). We kept our old freelinks page for viewing only.
- We decided to join two more new age orientated and interesting webrings: 'Class Act Realms' and 'Open Your Mind' (see.Spiritual Webgroups).
- The Inspiring Sites Webring made us to. Site-Of-the-Month.(for June2000). Thanks a lot, Fantasy Dreamer, Whisper and all members who voted for us.  - June brought us 21,000 unique visitors and 75 site awards. Most visited pages were: Tibetan Thangka Gallery, Biorhythms, Psychedelic Sketches, Search Engines, Wisdom Quotes, various Buddhist pages and the awards galleries.
JULY 2000
- As everybody knows it's holiday time and we think we've earned it too :-) So there are just minor cosmetics at some pages. But behind closed doors a second gallery of psychedelic sketches, a teaching of Kalu Rinpoche on Mahamudra, additions to our wisdom quotes, and our awards-program are under heavy construction :-) In July 23,000 unique visitors got lost in our pages and we thankfully received 117 new awards.
- We became Site of the Month (August) from the 'Linc's Links' website (read review/gallery 138) and from 'Lady Care's Realm on the Web' (read review/gallery 140). For all those wonderful gifts & free-awards we get or find, while surfing around we opened a new gifts-gallery (gifts-7). Don't miss to surf through our unique gifts and memento galleries. In the Top Ten List we climbed up to the second place (for how long?). - Due to an unexpected invasion of visitors from Europe and the States many projects are on ice :-(( but not forgotten. On top of it we've got 23,000 cyber-guests and 112 of them left back a nice award! We redesigned our entry page and de-activated our javaflash welcome. Too many visitors with older browsers got stuck in this color-bombardment (even though color is the essence of our site). - We also entered the 'Top 100 Astrologers' list, the 'Astrobit Top Astrology Sites' link-directory and 'Psychics.com' (see: 'New Age Groups').
.On 1st of September we received our 2000th award. Want to have a look  ;-)  - We added 170 quotes to our Witty Wisdom Quotes Collection. - Thomas created a new banner (# 13) and we started a new gifts-page (gifts/8). - We finished a new Buddhist page with an important teaching from H. E. Kalu Rinpoche on Mahamudra, a page on Lama Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche as well as a page on Amitayus Buddha. - In honor of business tycoon Bild Gates we made most major Buddhist pages Explorer compatible (-not eye-dentical). - On September 20th we became the most awarded homepage in the net. - Nick Ribush, our friend and one of the directors of the Lama Yeshe & Lama Zopa centres surprised us with the precious 'The Dr. Nick award for enthusiastic perseverance' :-) Because it's a Buddhist award it can't be seen of course. It's simply formless and empty. Thanks, Nick. - In September we had 27,000 unique hits and received 142 stunning awards.
- click Top Ten
- Look for this stunning but a bit early birthday gift from Thomas to Hans. Hope it doesn't blow my ego :-)  - We updated our Wrathful Green Tara page (now with enlargement). - We just started a Free Gifts page.with some stunning designs for your site! Check from time to time for newly added gifts. - Due to a highly unprofessional outcome of the merger between Webring.org and Yahoo, we cancelled all our webring memberships (9). Yahoo certainly deserves a special award for the most un-inspiring webdesign :-) So we say good bye and a warm thank you to all intiator's and remaining members of those rings! It's definitely not their fault. - In October we've got more than 31,000 unique hits, were honored with 145 beautiful awards and became Kitty GreyCat's.Site of the Month.
- Mystic Worlds.made us their Site of the Month. Thank you, Silverwolf. On several pages (Menu, Director, Quick Directory, Search Our Site, Search-Engines) we installed a new search-window from Gooogle from where you either can search *our site* or the WWW. A great new option! - Thomas created a stunning digital remodelled Vajrapani.image. - This month we mainly designed many new gifts and awards and are still in the process of checking, updating and re-modelling all our awards- and review pages (a very time-consuming work for stronge nerves). - In November our site received a minimum of 31,000 unique hits and 110 awards. Thank you all!
- This month was mainly used to create heaps of new graphics, logos, borders, awards, gifts etc. which will be displayed in January. Some pages are slightly re-designed and updated. Hans is still heavily envolved getting the awards-section renovated and re-organized. We have a new page up with New Year's gifts.for the Western Jupiter-Year 2001 and the the Tibetan Iron-Serpent year, starting at 23rd of February 2001). We hope you enjoy them! - We wish all visitors and friends of our site a great start into the new Millennium!!! Thank you for being with us, Hans & Thomas. - In December we had a minimum of 33,000 unique hits and received 63 awards.
-  Year 2001  -

- The actual AOL-Netscape 6.is a complete disaster! Our recommendation: don't download yet! Wait and pray for a better version (wish them some inspiration and reason). With other words our Netscape-site is not.compatible to AOL-NS 6 and, at least in this lifespan, we don't have any ambitions to re-write hundreds of pages! - The new 'Manjushri Mandala Kindness Award 2001' has a complete new look and comes this year in 4 graduations (Merit, Bronze, Silver and Gold). It has also new criteria which will be soon online. For pets- and animal related sites we give now 'Champa Dorje's Great Surf Award'. Also here criteria and winners lists will be soon available. We are still in the process of checking and re-designing our awards-section.  Thomas designed 18 beautiful awards and several new gifts. All online in February. Hans collected 250 new witty quotes which will be added soon.  - January brought us a minimum of 36,500 unique hits. A big Thanx to all reviewers! They left back 90 stunning awards for our collection. February and March will bring a lot of new features we prepared over the last months. Stay tuned.
- Not much to say. A month of sickness, confusion and chaos. First a swolen toe of Hans. Transfer into a hospital. 20 Doctor's staring at Hans' toe.  Discussions about amputation. Hundreds of tests, all confirming Hans' good health condition. Doctor's at the end of their Latin. Escaping the hospital-madness on own risk. Straight to a chiropodist. 5 minutes to cut out a little piece of a grown-in nail which 20 doctor's were not able to see (but Hans had always in mind). Toe totally recovered, but followed by a next disaster. As an extra hospital-bonus a flue infection by one of those resistant hospital viruses. 3 weeks of feverish influenza with both, Thomas and Hans. Still not fully recovered. Only positive result: Hans lost 20 pounds of weight. But we both still look like aliens and it could take a while to get back to normal. Thanks to all Buddhist deities that they didn't start an open heart-surgerey. - A good reason to speak occasionally some prayer's or mantras for all those millions of wrongly diagnozed and treated patients worldwide. And think twice before getting a victim of this costly hospital-madness. -
- Thankyou for more than of 34,000 unique hits and some 60 awards. Wish us luck and a speedy recovery. Thanks, Hans & Thomas.
MARCH 2001
- Still checking and updating the awards galleries (20 galleries left). Five additional awards for our awards-programm designed (by now 25 different awards). We also finished 12 beautiful zodiac plaques, which will be soon online (together with 15 additional gifts) and we collected 500 new wisdom quotes (soon online). All this is very time consuming. So have patience with us :-) 
- In March we had a record high of more than 37,500 unique hits and received 55 awards. Spring is in full bloom in Ireland (including hayfever) and our 2 acres of garden need a lot of attention. We wish you (and us) a creative astrological New Year, which started at the 20th of March (sun entering aries).
April 2001
- We decided to put up a.Provisional Awards-Program..with 16 new awards which can be applied from now on. Thomas did a great job with the design of the logos! The time of uploading was: 25th of April, 15:40 WET/ST, Portsalon/Ireland (for the astrologers amongst you). The full awards-program with 30 pages, 10 more awards and detailed criteria for each award is still under construction. - The checking of all 2700 award URL's is finished. We could rediscover around 400 changed URL's using search engines and detective-like thinking. We updated all keywords, ratings, country the award came from, birthdata, gender, browser recommendations, are the awards continued or not, new features, java or flash enhanced. We did spent an average of at least 40 minutes on each site which gives a surfing time of 1,700 hours (spent from late October 2000-April 2001). We should right now have the cleanest and most updated awards-gallery of this size. Use this great option.and hurry to surf for awards and visit some great places! We did all this for you! Our main reference for all updates are the review-pages. Some sites change their URL on a weekly basis. So please help us to keep our review pages and galleries clean and drop us a note if you find any URL's which went down in the meantime. Enjoy and good luck! Wow, what wonderful mind-training to develop patience and one-pointed concentration. On top of it deepening the wisdom that everything is changes. So it really was a Buddhist workshop :-) , even though not an easy one.  - From 26th of April to 1st of May our email-server was down. Anybody who contacted us during this period, should send his mail again. - Second problem: our 500 MB account is more than full and we have to start a new site having the same capacity of 500MB but a differing URL address. So it may be happen, that some links bring you on anther URL. But there are always links back, so you never get lost :-)  April brought us again more than 37,500 unique hits and we thankfully received 65 awards for our site.
May 2001

updated May  2001

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