The Collection
This collection of witty wisdom quotes (aprox. 620 quotes) is the result of working through 6 major quotes books, books of my personal library, many comprehensive internet collections, by surfing private homepages, or using some of my own thoughts and quotes. Alltogether a first harvest of looking through some 60,000 Western and Eastern quotes. My only criteria were that the quote had to make me smile, wow or thoughtful. I avoided those with too much superficial holiness and moral doctrine :-) Hope you enjoy what I've found. For an easier navigation I sorted the quotes by keywords, sub-categories ('heavy weights',.'light weights',.'own quotes & thoughts') and even a kind of personal rating.
The quotes pages will be extended every couple of months. For returning visitors we marked newly added quotes with (n).and the date behind. So have a look from time to time.
- version 1.1..(170 new quotes added: Sept. 00)
Personal Quotes & Thoughts
During the process of working through thousands of quotes and thereby creeping into the minds of thousands of people, I found it necessary to write down some self-grown quotes and thoughts to re-establish my own identity. Even though ultimate wisdom is universal by definition and independent from specific cultures, religions or personalities, I enjoyed using my own words, pictures and biographical background to start this little collection, which hopefully will grow over the years. I'm obviously not Buddha or Einstein and I don't want to pretend to be. So I decided just to put down what came straight from my own mind, heart and experience, having worked in the spiritual field for more than 3 decades. Wisdom is something which continuously grows and changes and with some luck becomes more essential with the aging process... like clouds drifting away to reveal the open sky (which was always there). So I look forward to seeing this kind of wisdom-diary grow like a patchwork, checking myself using this mirror. It could easily happen that I either burst into laughter or smile through my tears when I re-read some of my ultimate wisdoms from the beginning of the 21st century :-)  All people of wisdom I've met in my life had at least three things in common: a good sense of humor, a little craziness and some child-like purity. That's already three good reasons to follow the path the wisdom :-)
- "Show me your quotes and I know who you are" - Wow, I hope you are not interested !
All quotes on one page.(sorted by keywords)
The Light Weights.(slightly easier to digest)
The Heavy Weights.(slightly heavier or twisted mind food)
Personal Quotes & Thoughts by Hans Taeger.(Champa Lekshe)
- Feel invited to copy your favorite quotes, but don't republish the whole collection! -
h.= also sorted under Heavy Weights /.l.= also sorted under Light Weights /.t.= also sorted under Personal Quotes & Thoughts / n.= newly added (with date in brackets)./.+.= favorite quote
- The subdivision in 'heavy' and 'light' shouldn't be taken too seriously. The criteria are completely subjective. At the end they are either all 'heavy weights', all 'light weights' or sometimes this and sometimes that. It completely depends on the circumstances and where one stands. (That's wisdom already)
- In case you find any double entries please send us a mail.
June 2000/ - 170 quotes added:  Sept. 2000

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