Heruka Chakrasamvara
Khorlo Demshog.. - Central Mandala Deity -.
Heruka Chakrasamvara (Artist unknown)
The 12-armed and 3-headed Heruka Chakrasamvara, the central deity of the mandala, embraced and in sexual union by his female consort, the red Vajravarahi. He wears a tiger skin, standing in the midst of wisdom flames, and tramples on two corpses. In his hands he holds various attributes, symbolizing his magical perfections. His main 2 arms hold vajra and gantha (cepter & bell), demonstrating, that he has overcome duality. As an emanation of the Buddha Akshobhya family (water-element), the deity transforms hate energy into enlightening wisdom. He is surrounded by (top): the three main Bodhisattvas Manjushri, Chenrezig, Vajrapani and (bottom): Palden Lhamo, Heruka Protector Deity and the Citipati skelleton dancers. There exist various forms of this deity, like the popular 2-armed emanation as seen at the background. - Heruka Chakrasamvara was the main deity of Lama Thubten Yeshe.
Painted by temporary Tibetan artist (Dharmasala/India)
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August 99/Oct. 00 - Background: detail of a  painting by Andy Weber

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