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Introduction to Spark

Welcome to Spark.

I hope that these pages will become, over time, an interesting and useful resource for anyone who is interested in progressive, socialist, and humanist ideas. It is directed primarily at those who are active in left wing politics or the labour movement, who are engaged with feminist issues, or who are concerned with environmental or human rights campaigns. Indeed, it should appeal to all persons who have a general interest in philosophy, politics, and science.

The intention is to provide a good selection of links to other interesting political places on the internet, to articles in net publications, and to some articles of my own. I will be working hard throughout 1996 to raise the quality of the links provided. In the meantime I have created several pages of information on where to find political, labour, scientific, and philosophical material. It is a foretaste of what I hope Spark will grow to be.

Each link in Spark is accompanied by a terse (and sometimes idiosyncratic) comment, except in a few cases where I have not managed to assess the link myself. Navagation of the pages of Spark should also be trouble-free. Each page has a table of its contents at the top, and links to all the other Spark pages at the bottom. No heading should be more than a few of clicks away at any time.

Graphics are not Spark's strong point - yet. I will provide interesting graphics as soon as I can, in moderate amounts, and quickly down-loadable. However, for a start, content is more important than form (though, if anyone has a good icon for 'Spark' which can be made available quickly, I would be glad to hear of it!). I am conscious also that many people still have text-only browsers, and I intend that the pages will be complete, well designed, and readable by those. These pages were designed using Hotdog and Netscape, but if anything appears wrong or uneven on another browser, please send me the details and I will try to correct it (of course it would help if you know the solution, to send me that too!).

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What's on Spark

There are currently ten Spark pages. Apart from this page, there are six main pages specialising in links to material on politics (3 pages), labour (1), science (1), and philosophy (1). There is also a page of links to research and reference sources, a page summarising Spark's world view, and a page about the author. I expect that the number of pages will grow quickly.

Briefly, the contents of the pages are as follows:

Spark Home Page: This page!
/ Introduction to Spark / What's on Spark /
Political Theory:
/ Feminism / Marxism / Left of Centre Politics / Right of Centre Politics /
/ Extreme Right Wing Politics / Political Theory /
Political Organisation:
/ Political Parties / Political Issue Organisations / Governance /
Political Issues:
/ Issues by Topic / Issues by Country /
/ Introduction / International Labour / Irish Labour /
/ Natural Science / Social Science /
/ Religious Belief Systems / Science Based Belief Systems /
/ Internet Philosophical Sites /
/ Political Search / Books and Booksellers / Internet Search Tools /
/ Publishing Media / Electronic Media Search / Reference /
Spark's World View
Spark's Author

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Copyright Spark is maintained by: Tony Dermody, 8 Laracor Gardens, The Donahies, Dublin 13, Ireland. Telephone: + 353 1 847 6136.

Last updated: 14th February 1996.

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Pertinent criticism, comments, and suggestions are very welcome. Suggestions for links to new sites and relevant articles will be especially useful, as will notification regarding links from these pages which are inoperative, or have changed. Material made available in plain text or HTML, on disk or across the net, which is in accord with the world view espoused by Spark, will be considered for publication on this site. You should have a look at the summary of Spark's philosophy and aims, before sending anything, as publication will be solely at the discretion of Spark, and material submitted will not be returned. Please feel free to use email to seek further information or to comment constructively.