RTÉ 2, as it was then known, Ireland's 2nd channel, started in November 1978. In October 1988, it underwent a total facelift in it's new guise of Network 2. A further relaunch occurred in November 1997, aiming it squarely at the 16-34 age group.

So therefore a lot of logos to look at!

The original logo, from opening night, 1978. This one stayed as it was until 1986, with a minor modification in the early eighties to orange and red on a black background. Have you that logo on video? E-mail me here!

And now, the classic. The first signs of this logo was in RTÉ's Eurovision logo of 1988, the "V" being drawn similarly to the "2". That comparison will shown in a future page dedicated to Eurovision.
Shown above is a story board of how the logo appeared. Pretty self explanatory!

In the mid 90's, RTÉ's corporate logo changed, and with it, Network 2's. Both of RTÉ's logos appeared similar.
It had 4 variations, each one zooming out of each sector of the "O", all ending up with the above.

See the "fire" version here (115kb) 

Then, in November 1997, off went the graphics department again to do a whole new set of logos for Network 2.
There are loads of them, maybe numbering up to 10, and they will all appear here in time.
Although the logos say N2, it is rarely called this; it's still Network 2. On-screen continuity has also reappeared, as have end captions. Also a theme seen recently, where "famous popular music bands" say "You're watching Network 2", like All Saints, (above) Boyzone, and Robbie Williams.

Network 2 logos of Today

Multiply (124kb)  Fireball (135kb) 
City (152kb)  Implosion (129kb) 
Jellyfish plus News 2 (157kb) 
In-vision with Fiona McShane, plus Network 2 Sport (262kb) 

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