RTÉ 1 was Ireland's first television station. Then known as Telefis Éireann, it was launched on 31st December 1961. Since then it has been the country's most popular TV station, with its array of general entertainment and factual programming, mostly home produced, but also with a host of foreign programmes.

On this page, a look at the presentation of RTÉ 1, since the mid 80's.

RTE 1's dullest logo, from 1989. The letters "RTE" spun around the "1". It didn't last long. Also has the dubious honour of being the first RTE 1 logo not to include a St. Brigid's Cross; St. Brigid being the patron saint of Irish TV. Also pictured, a clock from that era.
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From 1990 now, a bit of a revamp for the RTE 1 logo, at least it was a bit brighter than the previous one.
Thanks to Fintan O'Mahony for letting me use this picture and Real Video.

In 1993, this new logo reigned supreme, and saw the reintroduction of the cross. Across a carved rock, like one in Newgrange, Co. Meath, the St. Brigid's Cross swept along. "RTE" then appeared, and fell down to it's present location, when the "1" started to glimmer.

St Brigids Cross in the mist........clearing to show RTE......and to the final image.

When RTE's corporate logo changed in 1995, new logos were launched. The St Brigids Cross appeared through the mist, then  "RTE" appeared, and clearing to the main logo.

The current RTE1 ident, introduced in late 1998, with three variants.

Here on Real Video.
Drop Download!  (158kb)
Ogham Stone Download! (163kb)
 Appearance of the St. Brigid's Cross Download! (142kb)

RTÉ 1 at the millennium. Used around the turn of 2000, this one is quite nice from RTÉ.

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Click here for RTÉ: SO MUCH TO OFFER Promo

September 2000 - A whole host of new idents from RTÉ 1, and very nice they are too.

Cattle in the Ruins... Download! (203kb)

...a weird angle on a cliff... Download! (314kb)

...some green fields.... Download! (198kb)

...and a lake. Download! (197kb)

That's not all, more to come.

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