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Wallace High School

Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Area Profile

Lisburn, Northern Ireland

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C'est une grande ville en Irlande du Nord. Il y a beaucoup de magasins et il y a beaucoup d'habitants, a and facts about Tallaght includNous aimons la yment and drug a>


Lisburn , formerly Lisnagarvey , has grown from a 17th century settlement town which was built around a castle commanding the bridge over the river Lagan . In 1707 an accidentally started fire destroyed the castle and the cathedral and almost every other building .

Lisburn was rebuilt and continued to grow . Lisburn is an excellent example of a lively market town , at the same time as the development of the linen industry . Though the importance of linen has declined in Lisburn , it is now a highly prosperous centre close to Belfast .

Lisburn has continued to grow during the 20th century . New industries have been established and new residential areas have grown up on the outskirts of the town . The proximity of the M1 motorway has enhanced Lisburn's role as a subregional centre . Lisburn is one of the most rapidly growing towns in Northern Ireland because of its' excellent shopping centers and easy access .


Lisburn is one of the most exciting towns in Northern Ireland. The town centre itself is well known for it's superior facilities for shopping.

There are many big firms such as Woolworths and Crazy Prices, as well as Tandy and Dixons. Other than its shopping facilities, Lisburn has great facilities for sport. The town even has its own leisure centre which provides facilities for every sport you could ever want to play, as well as children's parties and special clubs and societies. For those who enjoy the quiet side of life, the town has a very famous history which gives rise to a multitude of historical sites including the Linen Centre and the John Nicholson Statue. Lisburn's got the lot!

School Profile

Wallace High School est un college mixte. Il y a environ 1300 etudiants de l'age de 11 ans a 18 ans. C'est une grande ecole moderne. Nous etudions beaucoup de matieres, par example les maths, l'anglais, les sciences, l'histoire, la geographie et les langues vivantes. Nous portons un uniforme scolaire. C'est obligatoire. La journee scolaire commence a 8h50 mais les cours commencent a 9h10 et finissent a 3h25.

Our school is called Wallace High School. It is a mixed, grammar school attended by 1300 pupils from the ages of 11 to 18.

Pupils begin the school in first year and progress through to fifth year. At the end of this year the pupils sit 8 to 10 compulsory exams called G.C.S.E's (General Certificate of Secondary Education). If you pass these exams you can:

a)continue your education in your school

b)continue your education elsewhere

c)seek employment

If you return to school you choose three subjects which at the end of two years you will sit an exam in, these exams are called 'A' levels.

When you return to school to study for your 'A' Levels you enter Lower Sixth and sit your exams at the end of Upper Sixth.

After taking these exams you can decide if you would like to continue your education at University or if you'd rather seek employment.

Our school day begins at 8.50am and finishes at 3.25pm. At 8.50am we have an assembly which takes place each morning, this usually lasts about 15 minutes.

Our first class commences at 9.10am and finishes at 9.50am. Each class lasts for 35 minutes.

At 11.00am we have a "break" which lasts for 15 minutes. This time is usually spent socialising with your friends.

After break we have lessons until lunchtime which is at 1.00pm and lasts for 40 minutes.

After lunch we have lessons until 3.25pm.

Each school day is identical and our school week runs from Monday to Friday.

Outside of academic activities our school offers a wide range of other activities:

rugby, hockey, athletics, cricket, tennis, chess, debating, duke of Edinburgh etc.

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