Reverse case mod!

Having seen lots of case mods on the web I though it's time for something a little different! So here I present

A computer turned into a book case!

Take one ordinary server as might be being thrown out by your office. In this case an old dual CPU database server.

Called Godzilla ( I'm sure tech support won't notice)

Looks all nice an complete and functional doesn't it?

Not for long! Strip the old work horse down to the bones... and sell what you can on eBay (don't tell work though, they though this heap o junk was for the scrap heap!)

Woo exotic.... don't you hate it when data cables are better traveled than you?

Take everything you can off the board to try and get it as flat as possible.

If you like you can try and take the ports off as well, these little buggers were stuck on like welks.

Re jig a few of the metal panels inside to make a nice set of shelves, with the remains of the mother board stuck onto the back for the bit of colour.

Fill in any holes on the side the best you can with what metal you have

woo flash! are mobo's pretty.

You mightn't be able to cover all the holes, just call this "access"

Fill with stuff and put in place!

Woo yay! I got me some shelves!

So there you have it! stripped and built before you can say Ikea!

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