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Poems about Potatoes

Archives > Year of the Potato!

Poems Inspired by the Mighty Spud

otatoes big, potatoes small. We love them all.
O is the shape of potatoes.
To America and back.
A tasty spud for dinner.
To the finish line, yeah! It’s the winner.
Oh no, the blight has come.
Every potato is black and dead.
Sleep, Oh great potatoes, sleep.

My Potatoes

Potatoes, potatoes
So tasty, so small
Turn them into chips
And make them warm.


Potato. Potato, lovely and round,
You come out of the ground.
Peel off the rot, and put it in the pot.
Go to a seat, and get ready to eat.
If they are made precise,
They should be nice.

Potatoes are nice.
Oh they’re lovely, to be precise.
Tasty to eat.
And good with meat.
Ten out of ten.
Oh everyone should like them.


Potatoes are history,
They are a mystery.

Potatoes, Potatoes, round and brown.
I’ll get mine in town.

They love the light,
And used to suffer from blight.


Potato Potato, lovely and nice,
Nice with some salad or some rice.
Some seeds you have to sow,
To get a potato to grow.
If you eat them raw
You’re going to have to run to the door!
Can’t wait until it’s late,
Then I can have some potatoes on a plate.
Famine was a bad time.
And no one had a dime.
Mothers and Fathers dying.
Innocent children crying.
Needless to say.
Extremely sad.


The famine has begun,
Nothing can be done.
Everyone’s feeling lonely and bad,
Some feel really sad.
Lots of people are dead.
Others are lying sick in bed.
I’m scared the potatoes have blight.
Who knows, they all might!
Oh what are we to do?


Famine is bad,
Mothers, Fathers and children are very sad.
People are dying.
People are crying.
Nothing the eat.
Not even a bit of meat.
The End.


Mashed, roasted, baked. Mashed, roasted, baked.
Or potato cake. Or potato cake.
Maybe chips, Maybe chips,
Fried or crisps. Fried or crisps.

You can eat potatoes
Eat up all your spuds.
Plant them in the ground.
Make sure they don’t get eaten by slugs and bugs!

Potato, Oh potato
Together standing tall.
Carrots and Gravy.
Answering potato’s call.
Boil them.
Mash them.
They’re still standing tall.
So answer potato’s call.

You can boil them, Potato bang bang bang
Mash, eat them, smash ‘em. Potato bang bang bang
Stick ‘em in a stew. Potato bang bang bang
Chew them, bake ‘em. Potato bang bang bang.
One for you, one for me
Do you know what
I’m talking about?
Yes. Potato.

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