Celtic Sites

Rath Cruachain is the focal point of the complex of earthworks of Rathcroghan, an area covering c. 6,300 acres and situated at the centre of the great limestone plain, known from early historic times as Magh Ai.  It was the royal residence of the Kings of Connacht and stands at  150m above sea level.  In the Rathcroghan and Carnfree areas of Tulsk there are well over 200 pre-Norman monuments

Cave of the Cats or Oweynagat is one of the most famous sites in Rathcroghan and is regarded as " one of the entrances to the other world".  Since Ogham stones are rare in Connacht , having two in Oweynagat adds very much to its historic  significance.

King Daithi Stone , 1.85m high and made from red sandstone marks the grave of the former King and High King and nephew of Niall of the Nine Hostages.  Daithi (405AD - 426AD) was the last pagan King of Ireland.