by Derek Walton
ARIEL Speaker...
Front view 2
Designed by

Lynn Olson

Editor, Valve & Tube News

Associate Editor, Positive Feedback Magazine

Home construction article
originally published in POSITIVE FEEDBACK magazine

Dual Transmission Line Enclosure
Scan Speak and Vifa drive units
D'Appolito Layout
93dB Efficiency

Before you go any further I really do think that it is imperrative that you read the articles and papers by Lynn Olson, as they give the full and detailed background on the Ariels and his general ethos. The Ariel also has a speakers builders club with comments and e-mail addresses of many people that have built them. I found everyone there to be most helpfull and co-operative in supplying detailed information. This weas a great assistance in helping me to finally decide to build this project and has not been taken on light-heartedly in view of the cost of this project.

Now the fun begins... Derek builds the Ariel....!