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A.S.C. Blue Line Capacitors
A.S.C. Capacitors who have provided a great standard production oil filled capacitors in the past that have a cult following within the valve fraternity - have now have developed a premium Blue Line that is specific to the hi-end audio market. Using different ohmages, annealing techniques, terminations, parallel capacitances to reduce ESR and the thermal processing techniquesÊ are differentÊ on the Blue Line caps to achieve optimum performances with the result that they have come up with the Blue Line, which like the other components, have been specifically made by hand to our specification. The downside to using these is the large space they occupy, not to mention cost, but it was immediately apparent that they simply could not ommitted - they are just SO good at enabling one to hear low detail levels with amazing clarity, not to mention the total elimation of upper octave grain that one usually has to suffer with the use of common electrolytics. When you have heard an amplifier with ASC capacitors inplace it is impossible to settle for anything less - when you have been exposed to sound quality of this level, there is no going back - to not use these would be a retrograde step. After consultation with ASC, they have hand-made these very special capacitors to our own design and specification and without them, this project would not be the success it now is.

They are application specific so standard information is not readily available. All of the Blue Line capacitors are designed as special designs according to customers needs.

ASC do offer drys as well as oil filled products. Some customers like the performance of the oil filled over the drys and vice versa.

Weather you use them in the power supply positions or in bypass positions, these have got to be one of the finest discoveries that we have ever come across. It cannot be stressed strong enough that replacing the usual boutique electrolytic capacitors with these will one of the best upgrades that you can do - providing you have the space fo course!

The oil filled caps are rated for 600VDC operation. They are processed at the ASC facility at 900VDC for more of a safety margin and are rated for 600VDC working voltage.

The 10000AFC (amp-fault current)is the safety rating for UL. These caps are also UL recognized.

What we have found is that regardless of their position in the curcuit - -be it in the P.S.U. or in a cathode bypass position or even as a coupling cap - they have ourperformed all others that we have tried in every case to such a degree that their use within our products is now mandatory. Yes, they are that good and therefore we can give these the highest possible recommendation for any of your own personal upgrade requirements. We strongly urge you to try these and promise you will not be disappointed with the performance of A.S.C. capacitors.

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