...........to listen to the feathers................

Audio creation represents the hopes, aspirations and spirit that comes from within the builder. For many, it is much more than just a collection of parts, or just a means to an end - it is a way of fulfilling an urge to create something that goes way beyond the desire to fulfill a vision.

When one is making a creation, it is a gradual building of a relationship between the two, like any artist engaged in their art form. There is a special affinity that begins to self-generate between the maker and each and every item that goes into it. The two of you grow together - like a parent and a child. The inner spirit that strives to make something with perfection comes from a need to let the energy flow. To be aware of the small things, the details and know that things observed were noticed for a reason. To capitalise upon those things and intertwine them into the expression of yourself to create

One must listen to your inner self and follow your gut feeling and approach it with a free and open mind and not try to enforce preconceived ideas or flavour of the month into it. Only at times when you are at peace with yourself can you operate such.

All audio building is an art form representing the maker and their abilities and ethos. At this stage in my audio life it is not about making something to save a few dollars but to express what I want to create and to have that object of desire all to myself to admire and cherish.

Its to be able to answer the challenges that present themselves in the process, with the knowledge that the answer that you have reached is the absolute best that you are capable of at that point in time. To me, following my intuition is another way of trusting the energy to flow...........to listen to the feathers................let the energy flow on - its own and not try to control it. It is about being willing to contemplate, grow and change as a result of small cues (or feathers) in your environment, and not needing a catastrophe to get your attention.

"May you learn your lessons at a feather’s touch".
.....Listen to the feathers!!


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