Developing audio in Ireland
by Derek Walton

300B Mk1 Single Ended Triode
Mono Block Amplifier

front front tubes

The Mission Schematic Parts List
Tube Pinout Construction 1 Construction 2
Layout Drawings World Builders 300b Mk2

The Schematic
So then, it is as simple as this!

All in all, a total of just 16 components .

Add a tube rectified Power Supply .....

And another 8 components for the P.S.U.

So, all you have to do is to ask yourself if you can connect together sixteen parts in a compedent manner. Then do that again - and then have a go at the PSU. So you see, if you look at it in individual parts of a greater picture then it is not so ...err...daunting a proposition.

This schematic is from Angela Instruments and is otherwise known as the J.E. Labs 300B.

WARNING.......The usual warning must be acknowledged - that herein this circuit contains letal voltage that can KILL.... We are talking serious damage !!! Do Not Mess with it unless you are familiar with good electrical safty practices.