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Space Charger
High Power 300Bxls Single-ended Monoblock Triode Amplifier
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MK2 300B Amplifier

The Space Charger
Mono Block amplifier

WALTON AUDIO are proud to announce the newest evolution of our amplifier which now incorporates the superb KR300bXLS or EMISSION LABS Reference 300BXLS valve. This evolution is the final and definitive model of this most respected amplifier that has achieved worldwide aclaim. VANDERVEEN designed output transformer which is specifically designed for the 300b valve and made by Plitron along with an AMPLIMO custom designed power transformer. Having used many 300b valves we believe this EMl to be amoung the finest current production valve yet. Consequently, the ethos of this amplifier is designed around the 300BXLS and the VanderVeen output transformer.

This combination of both possibly the finest valves and output transformers have created a worldclass amplifier that we are so utterly and completely happy with after many years of development.

The KR300BXLS andEMISSION LABS XLS valve is a high power improved version of the 300b. Considerably larger than a normal 300b and when operated at a higher current, it now starts to work in a more linear part of the transfer curve, giving better control, drive and lower distortion. It has additional cooling fins on the anode plate , ensuring long life and reliability. With heavy grade glass envelope, glazed ceramic base, solid machined and gold plated pins,logos that are fused to the glass - it really puts others to shame. These valves are themselves a work of art in my opinion.

Menno van der Veen needs no introduction, but as the designer of transformers that have become icons, he has created toroidal transformers that are built with all the design aspects specifically for a 300b requirements being taken into account. High inductance units that offer superior speaker control at low frequencies and low internal capacitance and leakage inductance that extends the upper range and reduces ringing. The VanderVeen/Amplimo transformers are made under license by Plitron Canada. AMPLIMO have also created to our specifications the toriodal power transformers. Menno has written books on transformer theory and amplifier design and make necessary reading to all interested in valve equipment.

A.S.C. Capacitors who have provided a great standard production oil filled capacitors in the past that have a cult following within the valve fraternity - have now have developed a premium Blue Line that is specific to the hi-end audio market. Using different ohmages, annealing techniques, terminations, parallel capacitances to reduce ESL and they have come up with the Blue Line, which like the other components, have been specifically made by hand to our specification. The downside to using eight of these is the large space they occupy, not to mention cost, but it was immediately apparent that they simply could not ommitted - they are just SO good at enabling one to hear low detail levels with amazing clarity, not to mention the total elimation of upper octave grain that one usually has to suffer with the use of common electrolytics. When you have heard this amplifier with ASC capacitors inplace it is impossible to settle for anything less - when you have been exposed to sound quality of this level, there is no going back - to not use these would be a retrograde step. After consultation with ASC, they have hand-made these very special capacitors to our own design and specification and without them, this project would not be the success it now is.

The use of hi grade components such as ASC Blue Line oil Caps as bypass capacitors, AudioNote Copper foil/paper/oil coupling capacitor, AudioNote silver sockets, fine 99,99% silver ground buss and Alps pot, have enabled us to achieve our design goals of musicality and tone.

With the co-operation, advice and help of these major players, finally we have now produced our Mk3 amplifier - the Space Charger . A 13w/ch monoblock, left and right handed pair, which incorporates and maintains all our past ethos, knowledge and design ideals in a smaller, higher quality package, together with more dynamics and power and super low level retrival...and...without loosing the magic of the 300B triode valve.

The high power valves we use are either Emission Labs or KR Audio and there is the further option of using the KR842 or EMl520v3, which some may find more dynamic.

Easily adjustable bias for alternative operating points or valves.

This amplifier is about music....not hi-fi sound spectaculars...it is about tonal quality, musical expression and emotion. These are the things that are of primary importance that are so often overlooked or ignored in favour of other aspects. But these are what makes sence to the music in the first place and if these are not correct to begin with, then no amount of soundstage, depth, bass drive, ultra-soncis or other current catch-phrase will convey what the musicians intended you to hear. Lets get it the way that they intended it and hear the meaning, timbre and tone, as they wanted to put it down. This is not a hi-fi amplifier but a music playing device that is about listening to small details and inflections and being able to hear a smile or a frown - to be drawn into the music and being able to forget about what is making it. If you need it explained any further - then you are in the wrong place - you either *get it* or you dont!

Each one is dividually handcrafted and created with care and attention that comes from within the soul of the builder.

oblique blank front
Output : 13W + 13W
Output Impedance: 4 or 8 ohm
Frequency responce: 4Hz - 91kHz
Input impedance : 100k
Inputs: 3
THD: < 1%
Warranty 3yr on amplifier
2yr Warranty on KR300Bxls or KR842vhd tubes
1yr Warranty on Emission Labs 300Bxls or 520v3 tubes
Size: 435 (W) x 390 (D) x 200 (H) mm
Supplied as left and right handed pair
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Derek Walton
4 Tara place,
Co Meath,
Tel/Fax +35318351100

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