Developing audio in Ireland
by Derek Walton

Pi Studio One Towers
pi one tower
Eminence and Vifa reflex two-way

Pi Studio One Tower speaker construction

Wayne Parham, Founder of Pi Speakers produces the Pi Studio One as the most basic of his range. Weather you buy them or build them, Wayne is truly a dedicated person that is only too willing to help and will supply complete speakers, parts and or plans.. whatever you want. This is a larger version of the Pi Studio One, that has been further developed by Fred Thompson in Houston TX. So with their help, I have come up with this offering. It uses an Eminence Alpha 8 driver along with a Vifa DX25 tweeter. Crossover is nothing more than a 10uf Zen capacitor in series with the tweet and an 0.5mH air-cored inductor in line with the main driver. A 16ohm Ohmite resistor in parallel with the tweeter tames the impedance curve. Internal cabling is all Van den Hul.

Cabinet is 2 cubic foot and is tuned to approx 46hz by means of a 4" x 4" port. Window braces are used in the upper and lower sections. There is also horizontal braces behind the driver and just above the port that are fixed at 45 degrees. Finally, a couple more braces are also added to the rear wall opposite the port. Internal damping is 2" fibreglass on one wall and the back and 4" top and bottom. The addition of a felt surround around the tweeter smoothes the top just a little.

OK.. thats the nuts and bolts of it, so how does it sound and was it worth it all? Well, absolutely! This a really great speaker that sound real and not hi-fi, tonal qualities are revealed very well and vocals are especially good and natural. This is the baby of the Pi range and may be easily overlooked for one of the other models that use 10" 12" or 15" drivers .... but ..... the 8" Alpha driver has almost double the area of your usual 6" hifi offering ( 80 percent in fact more) and while it may not go to the lowest octave, what bass it does reproduce is clean and accurate with no nasties apparent at this stage. With its high efficieny of about 95dB and easy load,it is superb with low power single ended 300b amps. This is the kind of speaker that you can listen to for a very long long time and not tire of or wish for more. This is most definitely a keeper!

These have only been in use for a few days so I will not say too much right now but more to follow on this as there are a couple of things that I need to try, but this will give it a kick start anyway .. stay tuned! - 12/Feb/07

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front front front tubes
front front front tubes
front front front front
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