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Over the years we have tried many brands of cable, each with their own merits and usually at a considerable price. It is refreshing when a product comes along such as Silver Circle Audio, that represents not just fabulous sound but fantastic value for money and it is with great credit to Dave Stanard and his crew at Silver Circle Audio, that they have pulled the rabbit out of their hat.

We now use Silver Circle Audio cables throughout our test and reference systems and no longer feel it necessary to concern ourselves with cables any further. The TimeWise® Interconnect is our reference and the newly introduced DreamCatcher® Speaker cables - that are built with the same technology as the TimeWise® - are most definitely awesome cables. They are super quiet, dynamic and very importantly - tonally correct.

I suggest that you check out their products - you will be in for a surprise - meanwhile browse through just some of the range below.

The TimeWise™ Interconnect

Silver Circle Audio is proud to announce the addition of the TimeWise™ Interconnect to its line of high quality cables and audio accessories. TimeWise™ was developed in conjunction with Dave Berman of Soliloquy Loudspeakers in Raleigh, North Carolina and Roger Greene of Acoustic Sounds, Inc in Salina, Kansas. Originally envisioned as an interconnect for high-end turntables, the TimeWise™ Interconnect has demonstrated a sonic excellence on a par with any interconnect at any price.

Reviewers of our basic interconnect have compared it favorably to interconnects costing thousands more. The initial reviews of the TimeWise™ Interconnect, have generated even greater praise and accolades. The company is pursuing intellectual property protection for the design and manufacture of the new interconnect and thus cannot divulge any proprietary construction details. However, a brief description of the design philosophy follows. The prime directive in designing this interconnect was the elimination of extraneous noise and artifact generated or propagated by the cable or exacerbated by the cable’s construction. Some cables inherently are noisy: a lack of proper shielding makes them susceptible to RF/EMI. We have all become so accustomed to this ambient cable noise that its absence is alien to us. This will be one of the first things you notice about the TimeWise™ Interconnect. It allows the presentation of marvelous detail and clarity while providing superior bass extension, all the while presenting music against a background of the blackest silence.


We call this cable “The Thin One” because – now get this – it is thin. At least, thinner than “The Thick One”, our SP-12. The SP-416 offers unmatched value for the performance it delivers, as do all of our products. This cable offers audiophiles a loudspeaker cable that provides the benefits of both copper and silver. These cables were originally developed for the Soliloquy Loudspeaker Company’s 2004 CES joint display with Maxx Products. In fact, all of the wiring in the display utilized Silver Circle audio products. David Berman, president of Soliloquy said of the cables, “They were great. They preformed like cables costing many times their retail cost. They will offer consumers a truly superior price – performance ratio.”

Thanks, Dave. Each run in The Thin One is comprised of four 16 gauge silver-plated copper conductors with a Teflon™ dielectric. The conductors are arranged in a Litz-type, or helical, twist. Each cable is covered with a blue PET monofilament sleeving. The cables are terminated with your choice of gold-plated BFA connectors or silver-plated spades. They may be ordered in either a Standard Run or BiWire configuration.

Contact us about custom lengths or configurations.


We call this “The Thick One” because of its heft. The description below details the construction. What we want you to know is that you had better be certain of your source material because these cables are incredibly revealing. They produce a sound with exceptional dynamics, bass extension, and an extraordinary time-coherent speed. What goes into them is what comes out of your speakers. Poorly recorded material will sound horrible. Fabulous recordings will make you cry.

Silver Circle Audio has produced unique cables that use conductors of different materials within the same speaker cable to produce a very specific effect. Within each run of cable we use 2 conductors of high-quality 14 AWG copper and 2 of 12 AWG silver-plated copper. We have found that copper produces a better bass extension and response, whereas silver-plated copper produces exquisite detail and high-end extension.

The conductors are twisted and arranged in a Litz-type (helical) configuration. The cables are terminated with BFA-type gold-plated banana plugs and the assemblies are covered with a braided PET monofilament sleeving. Silver Circle Audio Loudspeaker Cables are available in standard run, bi-wire, and double run configurations. In addition to the BFA banana connectors, we also offer a silver-plated spade connector at no additional charge. WBT spades and locking banana plugs are available on special order for an additional charge. Contact us about custom lengths or configurations.

Our design has produced a loudspeaker cable that Roger Greene of Acoustic Sounds, Inc. describes like this:

...The texture of the bass is extremely good and doesn’t exhibit 'one note bass' like some cables. Here’s the best part of them. They exhibit no grain in the uppermost treble. They are effortless to listen to for long periods of time and at any volume level. Terrific air and spatial characteristics. ! I played the speaker cables for a guy who came over last night and he was totally overwhelmed by the presentation of my system (Jadis amps, WATT/Puppies). He guessed by the construction of the cables and sound that they would be at least $1000 for a 10ft pair. Boy, was he surprised...

Power Cord

Silver Circle Audio Power Cords use a no-nonsense approach to providing audiophiles with high quality power transmission at a reasonable cost. The core cable is a soft bare annealed high-quality copper 10 AWG wire with a 600 volt 90 degree Aluminum-Mylar Shield with drain wire. Conductor insulation is a heat and moisture resistant PVC. Conductor jacket is a clear nylon. Cable jacket is sunlight resistant PVC rated at 90 degrees. The cord is terminated with a Marinco 5266 plug and a Wattgate 320 IEC connector. The cable assembly is covered with a braided PET monofilament sleeving. Other cable terminations, such as the Wattgate 350 series are available on special order.

Roger Greene of acousticsounds.com uses these power cords for his own personal system and is still befuddled at the cost, "How do you make these things for this little?"

See the Reviews HERE

TimeWise™ Interconnects

DreamCatcher™ loudspeaker Cables

Power Cables

For more details on pricing of the rest of the range, please contact us.

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