Dublin Hi-Fi SHow 2003

Just a quick glance at the set up in room 223 at the Burlington Hotel for the annual Dublin Hi-Fi Show, sponsored by Cloney Audio....to whom I am most grateful for giving me the oppurtunity to exhibit at this prestigious event.


setup2The Walton Audio Mk2 mono blocks - here with Western Electric 300b tubes.

The Mk2 mono amps on the top shelves with the earlier Mk1 below. Those VanderVeen output transformers were the source of much amazement.....and with good reason too! Speakers are the Spendor BC1's (this pair made in 1979) .


I must say that the show can only be described as a stunning success and way beyond my expectations and asperations. It appears that we tied for best sound at the show on both days, but Walton Audio according to the organiser - Noel Cloney, was the only room to get all positive comments and not a single negative one. Quite an achievement, especially when you realise the serious and major exhibitors that we were also there. But then this for me was an event to hopefully expose the general public to some nice music and good sound. We certainly acheived this....on occasions there was stunned silence after a piece of music, all that was short was a round of appplause......especially true after Mahler's 8th or Tosca.


The Emission Labs tubes are a real work of art with stunning sound and beatuifully made. A real cracker! Could the Mk1 amps with Emission Lab 300BXLS tubes raise it to a level that would beat the *better* Mk2 amp with Western Electric 300B tubes ?

The Emission Labs proved to be a stunning tube, with greater dynamic expression, tighter and deeper bass, together with more open top and no vices that I was able to detect. I absolutely love the WE300Bs, no question but now there is a tube that is not just a copy but a better 300B tube. The tubes apart from being physically larger and a work of art in their construction and build quality....They sound like they are just coasting along with ease. These were used with the same settings as the WE300b, for which they are a drop-in replacement, but if the HV is increased they are capable of much larger output....More on this later....when the Mk3 Space Charger arrives in 2004


A quiet moment before it all kicked off, just as well as the room was packed to capacity almost all the time. Especially nice to see people come back again and again, so we must have been doing something right. There were people that came back the second day just to hear the Walton Audio system.

I must take this oppurtunity to thank everyone when took the time to visit and gratefull that they made their comments known - you have all made me very happy man and you have made it all worthwhile.


Mk2 with Western Electric and Mk1 with Emission Labs.

So just 7watts driving inefficient 84db speakers.......Ha!......we sure put some myths to rest today!

rita Finally, thanks to Rita, this would not have been possible without her and she has had to put up with me all these years to allow me to get to where I am today!