The Joke!

voigt pipe

I made these as a joke one afternoon having picked up the drive units in Maplin, and from some scrap bits of ply. I didnt expect anything much from them - it was just an experiment to hear what a single full range unit would sound like. The JOKE was on me!!!!! To say that I was shocked would be an understatement but I went to bed dreaming of the music I had just heard.

The next few days brough further confirmation of them and they ran in and after a couple of week I suddenly realised that I was listeninjg to more music that I have been of late. But it was the anticipation of listenig when I was coming home every day that made me think of what was happening here. Weeks passed and I still was enjoying them like nothing before - they were bringing the magic back into the music. I was hearing more and more and the excitment was there - complete with the goosebumps!

Once you experience the full range driver you will never go back to crossovers and multi-way speakers. With such a high Fr, I was not expecting anything from the bass department - oh how wrong I was there too...I have no problem at all in this area, yes they are a bit bass light and there are times when you wish there was just a little bit more there - but that is more the exception than the rule.

Some magazine did a spectrum analysis of a piece of music many years ago and something like 85% of it is in the mid range...that being from 250 - unless we can get this right then what on earth is the point of extended top or pant flapping bass? The mids are the essential and crutial part of what we hear and also the area where we are most sensitive. Noi wonder thoses multiway units that crossover right in the middle of that range seldom sound good.

The Voigt Pipe with its single full range driver is the most amazing speaker that I have heard. I had not realised just what Dynamics were before this, I did not know what it was like to experience the total intigration of tweeter and mid in a crossoverless format. There is a "Rightness" about the seamlessness of the sound.

Everyone that has heard them has been gobsmacked at their performance ...without exception....They have a realism - that flesh and blood quality that is so elusive in most speakers. These are FUN. This is what its!

audax unitThe Audax HT210A2 full range drive unit is a real cheapie! But that in NOT why I have it presented here. It is a 8" high efficiency driver of 94dB with an Fr of 55Hz and is an 7.6 Ohm unit and is good up to 16Khz. Cone material is doped paper and the wizzer is also what looks like some sort of treated paper - though stiffer.

Initially I thought they were a bit hard in the upper mid to top but after a few weeks that has totally gone and the slight shouty quality tjat I heard before has now gone altogether with the use of the 300B amp. This is indeed a marrage made in heaven. Driven with 8 watts they will blow the top off your house and there dynamice will slam you back against the wall with their speed. This is how reall vocals sound. Common - forget about the great sound that you have and feel the music with the Pipes and get off the boring treadmill that you are on in the ever upgrading path in th ehope of getting better sound and never being satisified.

ventOk, the vent/port you wil see is not the usual thqt others have used. Normally this vent has a horizontal floor and is approx. half the height of the one here. WHy?...well by my way of reckoning this layout will divert the soundwaves off the reflector base and out into the room better than one with its base horizontal in which case the soundwaves are reflected back up the pipes adding to coloration and reducing control, because of the pressure wave acting against the down coming wave. The floor center point, from left to right is in the same position as the usual - imagine that you had pivoted the floor on its central axis between the two sides.

Only the upper section of the pipe above the driver, is lightly filled with acoustic damping whilst the area directly behind the driver is lined with 3/8" wool felt. Nothing at all in the lower section. After about six weeks of daily use I realised that they really need to be made properly, so the one that you see here are in fact the second pair and these are made of solid wood not ply or that horrible dreaded MDF. Sorry but I just refuse to use that material anymore - it just seens to rob the life out of the music. Any reservations that onme may have about them, and yes they are not perfect but what faults that do exist are benign in their presence. Sins of omission rather than addition as they say. But what they have in volumes is that immeasurable quotant of speed fun and dymanics and they do not suffer the sweet spot of many single drivers....hey you move around with these and still feel that you are having your cake and eating it too.

For so little outlay and so little trouble to make these have got to be worth trying out for yourself if for no other reason other than curiousity and keeping you entertained for the weekend.

voigt pipe drawing Height = 76"

Width = 8.5"

Depth = 10"

Driver = Audax HT210A2

Efficiency = 94dB

Power Rating = 55W

Fr = 55Hz

Material = Unfinished Solid Pine

Dimensions are all internal

voigt pipe drawing Ok, so you can get an idea of where to start with the stuffing....this is what I have done - but experiment yourself - there are no absolutes in this game and some may prefer the stuffing in the lower part of the line - indeed as one would find in a folder pipe.

The triangular void in the base is just begging to be filled with sand or lead shot, which apart from aiding sound quality will greatly help in the stability it is rather unstable with its small footprint and height.

Also, if one does not initially fix the reflector plate,but makes it a tight fit - then there is the option of adjusting the angle and height of it to suit your preferences before finally fixing it permanently.

I have seen other versions of this pipe with the units mounted on the sloping side, rather than the vertical one and I have tried it with the cabinet aligned as such, but find that as you might expect - the sound is upward firing...great if you stand up while listening! Sorry, not for me.

The angle of the deflector? Well, I have made it at 45degrees to the meridian line through the Pipe, when viewed from the side, though the differences are not pronounced with a variance of a degree or two Go try for yourself......

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