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The Five Biggest Goofballs I Know!

August 6th, 2004

#3 Justin Case...just plain terrible!!

I first met Justin Case, wrestling manager, at a show ran by Jim Hawkins. Let me preface this by saying that I have the utmost respect for Mr. Hawkins and his promotion. I have known him for several years, and is a true credit to the business. Justin Case, however, is not.

I walked into the locker room that first night, and Case introduces himself to me. He immediately says that he is the exclusive manager for the Iron Sheik, and that he [talking about himself] has travelled the world managing him. He goes on to state that no one else can ever manage the Iron Sheik. I shake this goofballs hand, and politely explain to him that I, Scotty Ace, had in fact just managed the Iron goofball on a tour of Canada, and the Iron idiot had never, ever mentioned Case's name. A few of the boys got a "pop" out of that one.

Fast forward to 2 years later. I am on a show booked by another idiot, Chris Draven [more about this T-Total goofball later], and there is Case, in the locker room telling all of the "workers", I mean "marks", about how he [again, talking about himself], had "main evented" in Madison Square Garden, and how he had worked in both Memphis and Knoxville for Lawler and the Goldens. The funny thing is...all of the "marks" that were "working" that night just ate it up!!! Later that night, I walked into the dressing room, and there is Case, trying to show the "workers" how to apply the Abdominal Stretch. It was actually comical, as you have Case trying to show other people how to "work". It looked like a group of monkeys trying to f**k a football!!

Justin Case likes to tell everyone how great he is, and how much money he makes from his other jobs...but this guy is just plain awful. He couldn't draw real if you doused him in gasoline and drug him through the gates of hell. He is just THAT bad!!

Next time, I will talk about goofball #2A and 2B. And don't forget...the #1 goofball is just around the corner!!!!"

Keep the Faith!

Sweet Scotty Ace

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