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The newsletter, Subspace Echo, entered its seventh full year with Issue Number now in the sixties, is available to anyone interested in the latest news about Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon-5 and other Sci-Fi videos, episodes, films, stars, TV coverage and conventions.

Its focus is news, not gossip. Its style is newsletter, not glossy.

If you want the facts about the Sci-Fi world on screen, pay just IR£10.00 per year for 10 issues of Subspace Echo. Subscribe now!

Anny Wise,
Subspace Echo,
56 Tullyvarraga Court,
Co. Clare,

Why ten issues per year? This is one at the end of each month except December, because of postal delays, and August, because Star Trek episode shooting will only have just started and news is just a little thin on the ground at that time.

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