season five

Fallen Angel

When Joker arrives concerned for his friends, he is devastated to discover that they are dead and still nailed to the cross. Joining up with Eli and Amarice he vows . " To take them down and return them to Greece." The three set out to do just that. Meanwhile Xena and Gabrielle have moved on to the afterlife and are awaiting their judgement. They are on their way to "Heaven" When demons interfer and the bard falls into hell. Callisto is now a demon and she tries to grab Xena and bring her to hell with her. But Michael an archangel rescues Xena and they escape to heaven. Gabrielle finds herself alone with Callisto who is trying to turn the bard to evil. In Heaven Xena wont except that Gabrielle is lost to her and goes through a " Trail of Choice." To become an archangel.She enters hell to rescue the bard. But would the bard do the same for the warrior?

This is a great season opener, although I did find parts a let down! Something seems to be missing a little in this. I will say without Lucy or Renee's fantastic work at showing the hidden emotions of their charactors this would have not been a "Now" favorite of mine...............


With the battle of death behind them the duo restart their new life together. As they begin,the gang notice that something is missing within Xena when she doesn't reconize her broken chakram. All the pain of her past and knowledge of her Warrior side has been removed. Which makes her of interest to the local god of war Kal, who wants the " Chakram of light" and only the purest soul can get it. Ares appears making known that Xena is his and tries to use her innocence to get her back.

..Once again an episode with so much potentional that is wasted , I did like the " Innocent Xena" The " What if " she was that pure? What did make me smile was the fact that in a way Xena loses her blood innocence to protect Gabrielle, something all the fans thought Gabrielle would have done and when we got the old Xena back yes I admit it I went " YEHAAAAAA" and as for Joker does he pick the wrong time or what? Boy does he !


Ares is looking for an heir to his godhood and a new leader of his armies. Mavikan a warrioress with an ego the size of the Aegen wants to fulfill the task, when Ares laughs her off. Mavikan decides to prove to him that she is the woman for the job ! The proof being she will be the one to kill Xena. When the fight begins Ares intervines and banishes them to an outer realm, but he has a trick up his sleeve when he melds Xena and Gabrielle into one body. Gabrielle in the night and Xena in the day. The other condition Ares puts on the contest is that if Xena kills Madigan the Warrior Princess is doomed to spend eternity in the forgotten realm. Which leaves the bard with the task. Which Xena soons discovers was Ares plan all along.

This is one of those episodes that really highlights what this show is made of, I loved the twist in it. Ares is becoming more interested in Gabrielle then Xena ! As for the bard she really is becoming an awesome little warrior all on her own. Which raises the question in me " Ummm Where did she learn it?" Its never really explained, just that when she came back from the dead she has the " kick ass . " side of her now. Hey I'm not knocking it . BOY WHAT A SIDE IT IS . :) MORE MORE PLEASEEEEE.

Animal Attraction

Xena and Gabrielle continue their journey with Joker and Amarice still in tow. Their first task of the day is to rescue a horse caught in a trap,which leads them to the nearby village of Spamona. Where Xena meets a friend from the past. Talia! Also discovering the reason for her feeling under the weather ! While Gabrielle is trying to avoid Joker's puppy eyes and try to bond with the rescued horse. Amarice on the other hand finds love in the darnest of places. Talia is the local sheriff and her exhusband a fearsome warlord is coming back to town which leads up to a showdown for all.

I will admit the idea of ancient Greece being the first Wild west town did make me giggle. You know Daggers at dawn, just doesn't have the same ring to it . But if u disreguard it the story is a good one ! This is where we find out Xena is pregnate, of coarse it had to be added into the storyline somewhere because of Mrs Taperts condition. I did want to see more of Gabrielle's reaction but hey I'll go for what I can get in this show. Some very funny moments. Still seems to me to fall short of Seasons Three and Four. But I'll stick with it , its Xena for Zeus sake. lol.

Them Bones, Them Bones

Something evil is trying to steal the soul of Xena's unborn child and they go to the northern Amazon tribe for help. Getting there, Yakut is already waiting. Yakut informs Xena that the attacker wears the mark of the shaman! At once Xena realises that it is Alti. Gabrielle enters the dream realm to try and defeat her, but only just makes it back. When the babies soul is taken as the result of a betrayel, The Warrior Princess goes into the realm herself and the battle for the soul begins.

I love Alti she is becoming one of my favorite baddies. Hee hee. This is a good episode and the fight for good and evil reins on. This shows that the Warrior still needs her bard and we see the anguish of it if she were to lose her rear its head, almost a repeat of the end scene of " Is there a Doctor in the House." This season is getting better. Thank the Gods!


A messenger from Chin arrives with a scroll for Xena, reading it the Warrior reconizes it as the teachings of Lao Ma, fearing that the book of Wisdom is in trouble, they set off to Chin. Arriving in time to help in an attack. Another woman arrives to aid them. Who Xena discovers to her surprise is Pao su the daughter of Lao Ma. They realise that the myth of the black powder is a reality and in the wrong hands. Now all teamed together they set out to battle the warlord with the secert. Another surprize awaits when Xena comes face to face with the twin of Pao su, Kao sin. One of them is the Hawk and one the Dove but which one is which ? Xena also discovers she still has the power within her that Lao Ma taught her and she must tap into it to win.

The effects team in this ep; really do out do themself. As for the Pao Su and Kao Sin storyline it does become a little too obvious as to the outcome.

Back in the Bottle

Xena can't seem to harness the power she used in Chin now that they have left. When she sees a vision which includes Gabrielle's and Jokers death in Chin. Xena knows something is very wrong. They return to Kao Sins side and team up with a freedom fighter Lin Chi to aid in the fight against Kahn a warlord who now has the secert of the black powder and is intent on conquering Chin for his own. Xena comes up against the Green Dragon once again and must find an inner peace inside herself to win the battle.

Now Xena having a hand in Stonehedge I can believe, Xena being the true king that could pull Excaliber I can believe ! BUT Xena being the one that created the Terricotta Army , hmmmmmmmmm ?????? Well ok she IS Xena and she does have many SKILLS. Sure I'm a believer.


Little Problems

The duo help defend the Love Goddess's Temple. When the Warrior sees a young girl in a coma she wishes that she could " Trade places with her!" Aphrodite does it! Switches the Warrior and Daphne. Now inside the girl Xena tries to help the young girl come to terms with the death of her mother and a father thats doesn't seem to care. Things get complicated when the warlord Tharon; wants revenge on Xena and sends his men to get her, when he realises that Xena is in the body of the girl he gets his men to kidnap her father. While Gabrielle and Aphrodite go after the oil that can switch her friend back .

Oh oh Gabrielle in oil wrestling match Oh oh ! Ok I'm calm now. lol Ahem well as for the episode **sigh** Have the writers got a block , this is so like the Autolycus episode its unbelievable at times. The only saving graces in it is the Aphrodite input and the ass kicking bard. Did I mention the wrestling match? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr BG>.

Seeds of Faith

Gabrielle is getting a little over zealous in her fighting when they stop a bar room brawl. Ares turns up and informs them that " The Twilight of the Gods " is near. Xena is warned that her child will start it and if need be Ares will kill both of them to stop it. They meet up with Eli again who is becoming more powerful in his quest for peace and love with thousands following his teachings. He is a threat to Ares and the god of war orders his army to destroy all the followers of Eli. When the showdown between Eli and Ares occurs Gabrielle is left believing in Eli enough to let him handle Ares on his own. The result is not what Gabrielle wished for, it leading her to question the path she is on and Xena questioning the bards part in Eli's death. Ares sees an oppertunity once again to tempt the bard.

Ares again turns everything to his advantage, he has his sights on the bard more then ever. This ep; shows the cracks in Xenas and Gabrielles friendship that the past they have shared is destroying the faith and trust they once had . Gabrielle with the power of Ares is an awesome thought, raising the question . " If someone has known innocence and purity and then fallen into despair and evil , how evil a warlord would they be?" I will admit the fan fiction that I have read dealing with Gabrielle as the baddie doesnt even come close to what I think Gabrielle would be like. That is why this episode is so good it just taps the surface and makes u wonder. For me this is where the season really starts. OH did I mention this is the ep where we find out who the daddy is ?BG> Dare I say it . I knew I knew I knew . VBG>

Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire

The Golden Lyre is found by Draco, then the Amazon's show up wanting it as it was found on their land, a war threatens to break out. That is until the Warrior Princess intervines grabbing the Lyre and comes up with the idea that a " Battle of the Bands." will settle the matter. The contest begins , bringing a somewhat surprising brother of Jokers, Jace! Also along with dealing with everything else Cyrene shows up, wanting to know who the father of Xena's child is and when she can't seem to get the answer she wants she turns to a little matchmaking instead. While Gabrielle has to deal with a still lovesick Draco. All done with a song and a dance!

This episode I didn't like at first, but watching it again it is growing on me, well the songs are anyway because I love Lucy's voice. Jace is fun! Draco's singing is NOT !!!!! Joxer getting hit on by the head amazon just makes me grin as Gabrielle actually shows although she isn't interested in Joker she does get a little jealous. Oh and Gabby dancing in a cage as a Go Go girl hmmmmmm .G>

Punch Lines

Suffering a little writers block while Xena is getting in some sleep, Aphrodite appears and wants to help the bard. So Gabrielle recounts the happenings of the day. Where Argo got a little smaller, Xena got a little crankier and the god Lacrymose makes Gabrielle an offer that if she can make him laugh, Argo will be returned to normal size. The task set the bard recounts the funnier moments of her life with the Warrior Princess. Aphrodite offers advise .

As a clip show episode goes this is one of the better ones, including an independant storyline. One that nomatter what Gabrielle has been through the bard part of her has always been there. I liked it and there are some oneliners in this that will get u laughing out loud. The end bit especially. BG>

God Fearing Child

Hercules shows up to congratulate Xena on being with child, but before they can relax into old times they are attacked. They both realise that the attackers have been sent by Zeus! Who wants the child dead so that the prophecy can not be fulfilled. Hercules goes off to get the " Rib of Koronos ." The only thing that can kill his father. While Xena comes up with her own plan to protect her child. She goes to the underworld to steal Hades helmet but there in Tarturus she finds Solon. Ares appears offering her a way out . He wants an heir of his own and wants Xena to be the mother more to the point to tell her that he loves her. The battle between Warrior Princess and the Gods begins. The birth of the Twilight arrives.

Wow! Gods what an Ep; Love it love it love it. This my dear fans is what Xena is all about . This was Xena's destiny all along. Solon in hell because he couldn't bear the thought of not remembering his mother, just brings a lump to ur throat. **Gulp**

Eternal Bonds

With the Gods throwing everything at them, Warrior and bard go on the run. But when three gods team up their armies at once, Artremis, Apollo and Poseidon the fight gets intense. Joker is wounded by an arrow of Apollo and a race against time begins to get him to the cure. Gabrielle leaves Xena and takes Joker to the Mandrake tree for the resin. While Xena is left to fight the three gods. Ares shows up again offering his help, for the price of her staying with him and bringing up Eve as his. For that he is willing to prove to Xena that he will keep his word and fight by herside.

Ares is in love awwww bless him. **sniff** Now we see Gabrielle putting Joker first at one point and shows that in a way she does love him. Also that Gabby will give up her life for Eve without a second thought. Its about time Xena saw that.

Amphipolis Under Siege

The goddess Athena stages an attack on Amphipolis to draw Xena out. Using her best warrior Elania to fight The Warrior Princess . Xena is moved to discover that her home town will aid her in the fight nomatter what the cost. This is where they make a stand. Gabrielle takes charge of the defence and attack of the town. While Xena uses a more indirect route. Ares arrives yet again offering another option. Athena seems to have all options covered however and Xena seems to be left with just one! To take Ares up on his offer and give her child up to save the slaughter of Amphipolis.

This is one of those OH MY GOD , episodes so much in it. Fighting , action, emotion and great storyline. This is the best of the best. The fight between Athenas finest and Xena is a feel every hit one, as does the fight with Athena against Ares.


Married With Fishsticks

When Gabrielle intervines in a fight between Discord and Aphordite she is knocked unconsious during it. Waking up she has no memory of who she is or where she is. Things seem to be a little mixed up. Hager who bears a remarkable resemblance to Joker. Informs her that she is his wife and mother to his children and they live in the kingdom of the sea. Making Gabrielle a mermaid. There are other familer faces too.

Oh dear Oh dear.......What are the writers thinking here throwing this right into the middle of the Twilight Arch. This to me isnt worth a second look.


Gabrielle decides to give Eve her right of cast and they make their way back to the land of the Amazons. Xena has a vision from Yukat asking for help. Arriving in the village they discover that Yukat is dead and so is Amarice. Now Gabrielle has to take back the role of Queen. While Xena is plagued by visions of the legend of the first Amazon and Xena must find out the mistake made in the Amazons history to save them. If she doesn't Yukat can never rest . We are shown through visions the true story of the first Queen Cyrane and how the Amazons were created. While Gabrielle goes through the ritual of becoming Queen.

Now we are back on track... Phew was worried for a moment after fish sticks. ( Hate fish ewwwwwwie). Well we find out the true history of the Amazons in this one and it was nicely done. A very good episode. This also shows what Eve means to Gabby and Xena is starting to see it too. I hope!

Kindred Spirits

Now living in the Amazon village with Gabrielle in her role as queen, Xena finds herself with nothing to do. Then Joker gets himself arrested for "peeking" at naked Amazons and Gabrielle finds that she has to judge him, the penelty being death. Xena decides to take Eve and leave the village believing that Gabrielle doesnt need her anymore . Along the way she somehow gets a new sidekick wanna be. After reading Gabrielles scrolls for the first time she realises she needs the bard as much as she is needed and returns to the village. Just in time to offer help in saving Joker. Even if it means killing him!

Xena trying to be a housey person just doesn't work. BG> However Joker as the peeking tom just seems to work a littttttttle too well .VBG>

Antony & Cleopatra

When Cleopatra is murdered, Xena assumes her role to discover the murderer and save Eygpt from being used as a pawn. At the same time she comes face to face with Mark Anthony who needs Cleopatra's navy to win against an internal battle in Rome. Brutus is on the other side, he is shocked to find that Gabrielle is not dead and now seems to be the handmaiden to the Queen. Xena uses her role as Queen of Eygpt to find out the truth. The plan goes into action. With Gabrielle by Brutus's side as hostage in the final battle. With one complication Xena's feelings for Mark Antony could stand in the way.

Well Xena sure does have a thing for bad boys. Ahuh! This episode tries to jump back alittle to season four actually I think they should have put it in there. My feelings are they had the script lying around and decided to use it here. Because to me it seems not to fit in this season at all. But that aside it is a good episode. Showing that Xena is still battling the need for power inside herself.

Looking Death in the Eye

Joker now elderly and married to Meg, gets his hands on Gabrielles final scroll, hopeing that it will explain what happened to them years before, he recounts the story to his children.

With all the gods in full force out to kill Eve, Xena turns to the fates for help. The answer they give seems at first that the only solution is their deaths. Believing that.... " Fate is what u make of it." Xena with Gabrielle by herside set out to capture Death as ransom. Hatching a plan that puts them up against each god in turn. But when Gabrielle is captured by Athena it seems the only way out is death for the Warrior Princess her child and her bard.

This is a rollercoast episode folks . One they do so well it leaves u up in the air one moment then down in the dip the next.........So Hold ON !!!! Wow what can I say ? Angst; Drama, Love, Action and finally Heartbreak. **Big Gulp**


Awakening from their icy tomb, Xena and Gabrielle are shocked to discover they have been asleep for 25 years. They join forces with an elderly Joker and his son Virgil in search of Eve. Going to Rome to find Octavius who is now emperor. When Xena witnesses a young woman at the head of Romes army she is in disbelief when Octavius informs her that it is her daughter Eve who is now known as Livia, the champion of Rome. Livia is a warrior with all her mothers skills and most of all she has the darkness. Making her of interest to the God of War, who doesn't know who she really is. Xena tries to get her daughter back before she follows the path she once did and is lost in darkness forever.

The angst is this is so raw you will cringe when daughter comes up against mother. All in all its an episode that I will watch over and over just for that fact. It does look into the path that Xena once took from a totally differant side for the Warrior Princess and makes her really see how evil she really was. In the worst case scenerio because now its the path her daughter is on.


Livia goes after all the followers of Eli, crucifiying them as a warning to others. Becoming her mothers daughter as history starts to repeat its self. Ares manipulates both Xena and Livia to try and bring at least one under his control. Xena starts to realise the only option left to stop Livia maybe to kill her. Gabrielle not wanting Xena to face what she did with Hope goes to Livia to try and convince her. This act results in a very high price. When Livia holds Gabrielle to ransom , knowing that her mother will return to save her. Time is running out and Joker makes the ultimate sacrifice .

Well Livia is certainly her mothers daughter, with a hint of Callisto thrown in . Gabrielle being the first one to see that Livia is a lost cause is showing how much the bard has changed. Another excellant episode.


Eve now consummed with guilt in her actions while being Livia wanders across Greece. Xena and Gabrielle go after her to bring her back. Now the Gods know who she is they combined in fulforce to kill her. When a confrontation takes place Xena is shown a vision that she now has the power to kill a god. Now the Gods no the meaning of fear. Athena takes charge coming up with an indirect attack on the Warrior Princess, using the bard. She sends the Furies to torment the bard pushing Gabrielle to believe that Eve is evil again. Ares tries to help Xena but his own fear once again turns him back to the side of the gods. The end battle puts Xena up against Athena. Ares gives the ultimate sacrifice when Gabrielle and Eve are left dying.

What a season ender, now we wait in agony for the last season to appear. Ares does the most surprising and compassionate thing in this. That made me sit forward in my seat and go . " Holy Sh**" This also brings up all the mistrust again that was laid dorment in the bard because of Hope. Also showing that Ares will always be a part of Xena nomatter how much she denys it

.End Of Season Five